CENIT Postprocessors – Your easy way to get the optimal NC program

Our FASTPOST software is an easy-to-use programming interface to develop and modify postprocessors (PPs) for CATIA and other APT-based programming systems. FASTPOST provides all functionalities needed for a fast and simple definition of NC syntax structures – from simple NC output formatting up to complex NC cycle definitions. Even most complex NC sequences can be defined in a generic way thanks to the integrated macro language. These advantages of easy postprocessor generation can be used in all manufacturing technologies (e.g. milling, turning, wire edm, ...)!

Standard PPs from CENIT for immediate usage

You need high end post processors but you don’t want to spend time learning the ins and outs of PP generation? Why not benefit from our high-performance, feature-rich standard packages! Thanks to the comprehensive delivery content, incl. installation manual, referencing process and complete online documentation, you can start working with the standard PPs right away. Among others, the postprocessors of our complete packages come along with the following functions:

  • Milling and drilling on any spatial or inclined plane (multi-axis machining and 3+2 axis milling)
  • 5 axis simultaneous machining
  • Machining of 2D contours and pockets on any inclined plane (circular pocket milling, contouring with or without radial correction, and milling of conical pockets in any special plane)
  • Wide range of standard drilling cycles (Breakchip Drilling, Circular Milling, Counter Boring, Deephole Drilling, Drilling, Drilling Dwell Delay, Reaming, Spot Drilling, Tapping, Thread Milling)
  • Tool changes, origin management
  • Various M commands
  • Etc.
    • Do you want to test our offer to see how easy it is to work with our standard PPs?

      Just select the machine type to be supported and the respective controller in the contact form. Our demo license is free of any costs and obligations and can be tested within 10 days. That’s our pragmatic way to support you experiencing our “ready-to-go” packages. 

      • CMS
      • Deckel Maho
      • Handtmann
      • Hedelius
      • Hermle
      • Makino
      • Mikromat
      • Mikron
      • OPS Ingersoll
      • Parpas
      • Roeders
      • Spinner
      • Zimmermann
    • Using CENIT’s virtualizer, you can integrate the real NC controller software to run your integrated NC simulation within CATIA V5. Click here to learn more!

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Benefit of a simple and automated PP generation or even easier, use the comfortable and ready-to-use CENIT PP packages.
We are continually updating the list of standard packages, but, if your machine type is not available yet, please contact us.

To get a free demo license for 10 days please fill out the form and indicate your machine, type, controller, bit version and CATIA release.