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Experience of the CENIT Expert Team = Your Advantage

We have been a CAA partner of Dassault Systèmes for many years. This gives us extensive experience in developing applications for the V5 and V6 platform. Utilizing available knowledgeware and macro development along with appropriate methods, we are able to create scalable and fully integrated solutions.

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CATIA/DELMIA V5 Project Examples

  • Sowema (Federal Ministry of Education)
    Research project for manufacturing fiber-reinforced composites
  • Securing equipment automatically
    Collision tests in the manufacturing process; administration of the work and results data in a separate database
  • Bond seam report and ZB detail report
    Generation of reports on connecting elements in production structures
  • VRML import
    Reverse engineering of tessellated data
  • TMS integration
    Connect CATIA with tool management system using import, export, and test functions
  • Simulation with original geometry
    Import initial simulated movements based on original geometry. Start each step, measurement tables, and hull geometry. Support for deformable geometry
  • Multiple hole creation
    Simple creation of a large number of logically distributed holes with different shapes.
  • V5 to AutomationML
    Converting V5 data into the neutral data format of AutomationML, which will include structural, geometric, and kinematic information which can be utilized for future applications.
  • Longitudinal carrier manufacturing
    Testing of longitudinal beam math geometry for wrinkles or abnormalities in XML for the purpose of utilizing it for NC programming, punching, and plasma cutting.
  • DELMIA Process Engineer to AutomationML
    The ability to convert a format which is Delmia Process Engineer ( DPE ) into the neutral format AutomationML or vice versa.
  • Simplified geometry supply
    The conversion of geometric math data, also conversion of specified component variables, and managing Employment data on a separate database.