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Development of tailor-made applications

CENIT's own software platform for the digital factory is ideally suited to implementing production-related applications and integrating specific technologies. It is also possible to develop completely autonomous simulation solutions.

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../../fileadmin/dam/Digital Factory/Pictures/FASTCURVE WJ-Cutting
../../fileadmin/dam/Digital Factory/Pictures/VS 2012 CAA 02

FASTSUITE Project Examples

  • Ultrasonic testing
    Offline programming of a system for ultrasonic testing of composite workpieces
  • Automatic hollow space nozzle production
    Automatic programming and simulation of 3D laser programs for the production of nozzles for hollow-space preservation in vehicle manufacturing.
  • Offline programming for water jet
    Offline programming a simultaneous multi axis water jet with nozzles for milling a stringer with multiple compound angles.
  • Laser drill
    Software solution for automatic analysis and programming of funnel-shaped holes for the production of turbine blades
  • Press line simulation
    Development of a solution for programming, simulation and throughput optimization of servo presses, with consideration of the transfer units and tool kinematics.