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Tailor-Made, Custom Ordered Software Services for Siemens NX

For customers switching to NX, we have used NX Open Toolkits Author to migrate existing solutions to the new NX platform. 

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Siemens NX Project Examples

  • Measuring plan editor
    Work on original geometry, placing of measuring points, data exchange and change analysis
  • Clamping and locking concept
    Mapping and support of the process for creating a clamping and locking concept in the body shell
  • Emerald structure macro
    Bidirectional structural development from prepared and extracted Excel files
  • Testing of connecting elements
    Geometric testing of connecting elements with the option of visualizing, categorizing and recording the results.
  • Connecting elements in vehicle body shell
    Support for punctiform and curvilinear procedures (e.g. welding and bonding), configurable customer-specific attributes, variant management, change management, database connection, export in neutral formats.