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Tailor-Made, Custom Ordered Software Services for Siemens NX

For customers switching to NX, we have used NX Open Toolkits Author to migrate existing solutions to the new NX platform. 

Siemens N X

Siemens NX Project Examples

  • Measuring plan editor
    Work on original geometry, placing of measuring points, data exchange and change analysis
  • Clamping and locking concept
    Mapping and support of the process for creating a clamping and locking concept in the body shell
  • Emerald structure macro
    Bidirectional structural development from prepared and extracted Excel files
  • Advanced editor for creating drill hole geometry descriptions
    Geometry descriptions (XML) to add complex, multistage drilling features to NX components, with enterprise service bus (ESB) connection for rollout of independent updates.
  • Testing of connecting elements
    Geometric testing of connecting elements with the option of visualizing, categorizing and recording the results.
  • Connecting elements in vehicle body shell
    Support for punctiform and curvilinear procedures (e.g. welding and bonding), configurable customer-specific attributes, variant management, change management, database connection, export in neutral formats.