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More software solutions of FASTSUITE

The FASTSUITE V5 portfolio does not only cover software solutions for offline programming of specific manufacturing technologies for robots and machines.

Designer and programmers, particularly in the mold and die industry, are supported by CENIT with dedicated solutions for various specific tasks:

  • Programming of wire EDM processes (FAST4AXES)
  • Trim steel design for sheet metal die trimming (FASTTRIMSTEEL)
  • Electrodes for sinking EDM processes (FASTELECTRODE)

The integration of these applications into the standard CATIA V5 environment offers the same look and feel like any other CATIA V5 product. The engineer easily will make use of these dedicated solutions.

    • FAST4AXES is a seamlessly in CATIA V5 NC integrated software solution for offline programming and simulation of wire EDM processes, for 2 up to 4 axis wire EDM machines.

      The NC programmer is supported with:

      • Programming of 3D contours
      • Support of geometrical features
      • Machining operations for contouring, pocketing and point strategies
      • Integration of machine tool specific technologies by powerful postprocessors
      • Visual Basics support
      • Direct simulation of the generated operations

      Customer Benefits:

      • Associative to design changes
      • Known user interface and infrastructure of CATIA V5 CAM
      • Integration of machine tool specific technologies by powerful, standard postprocessors
      • Low prerequisites to make a CATIA V5 wire EDM system cost beneficial
    • With FASTTRIMSTEEL it is possible to automate and accelerate the design of trimming tools, which are used in the sheet metal and plastics die trimming industry.

      Following functions for trim steel design are available:

      • Automatic generation of the base geometry (cast body or stock material), the NC prepared surfaces of the knife head and final trimming tool body
      • Library of knife head cross sections
      • Definition of cast oversize dimensions
      • Definition of trimming process parameters (intrusion and shear)
      • Collision control

      Customer benefits:

      • Dedicated solution for trim steel design incl. industry specific definitions and parameters
      • Evident time savings
    • The following functions support the entire process:

      • Setup of project and electrode product structure
      • Profile selection and easy extraction of electrode faces
      • Geometrical functions to complete the electrode geometry
      • Including the reference frame, holder and technological information
      • 2D electrode documentation
      • Automated NC programming of electrodes
      • Download of documentation and process data to shop floor environment (Zwicker, OPS, Zimmer & Kreim, …)

      Customer benefits:

      • Dedicated solution for electrode design and documentation
      • Full parameterization of electrodes for an efficient change management
      • Evident time savings for documentation
      • Integration of company standards
      • Associative and update compatible
    • CENIT software CREATEGRAVURE supports the fast and intuitive creation of 3D lettering / engraving from any text within the CATIA V5 environment. The software can be used directly on an existing CATIA V5 standard workstation (version R18 or higher) and without additional licenses - the basic licenses MD2 or CAT+MCE are sufficient.

      User is supported with the following functionalities:

      • Generation of three-dimensional lettering on flat and curved surfaces
      • Text elements are created using tangent-continuous splines The accuracy is adjustable
      • Support of TrueType, OpenType and CATIA-Stroke-Font Fonts
      • Common font formatting (left- and right-hand flush, centered) are controlled by additional alignment options of the engraving (above, in the middle or below the curve)
      • 2D and 3D output possible
      • Possibility of extension with logos, symbols and own fonts
      • Direct transfer of the contours into the NC environment for immediate use in suitable engraving operations

      Customer benefit:

      • Enables fast and tangential generation of 3D engravings within CATIA V5
      • Intuitive operation
      • Font selection easy to configure
      • Custom logos, fonts and symbols can be incorporated
      • No additional licenses necessary
      • Associative linking of the characters enables a simple, subsequent Moving the lettering on the curve
      • Time savings of 30% to 90% in the creation of engravings
      • Text easily editable and immediately reusable in the process chain for mold making or milling