Realistic machine simulation

With FASTCONTROL, CENIT offers a high-performance solution for the realistic simulation of NC programs. Thanks to the complete integration in CATIA V5, NC programs can be directly and precisely simulated using full control functionality. To this end, the memory status of the real control is exported and sent to the virtual NC core (Siemens VNCK and Heidenhain VirtualTNC). The machine simulation made available is independent from the generating programming system.

FASTCONTROL is an important component in the field of virtual technologies. This CENIT adapter offers machine manufacturers as well as users an economic method for increasing the productivity of their machine tools.

      • Exact simulation of NC programs fully integrated in V5, incl. full control functionality
      • Components: 3D machine model, post processor and virtual machine control (Siemens VNCK and Heidenhain VirtualTNC)
      • Virtually all control functionalities available (parameters, sub-programs, ...)
      • Simulation based on control data (dynamic, feeds, ...)
      • Collision recognition in the simulation
      • Direct availability in machine sub-programs
      • Generation of status reports
      • Logging (simple error analysis)
      • Client-server architecture
      • Independent from generating programming system
      • Several standard machines and controls
      • Exact, realistic machine simulation
      • Support in the development of machines, e.g. in terms of drilling cycle, tool change, ...
      • Optimization of sub-programs and machine sub-programs
      • Meaningful time declarations for work preparation/planning and offer creation
      • Simulation of pivoting behaviour
      • Comprehensive simulation of path (also those added by post processors)
      • Reliable machine programs 
      • Closed CAD/CAM process chain in V5
      • NC output of the post processor forms the basis for the simulation
      • Complete and coordinated package: integrated machine model, post processor and virtual machine control (Siemens VNCK and Heidenhain VirtualTNC)
      • Standard post processor as well as extended and customer-specific PPs
      • Simulation interface is identical with the CE simulation
      • Call directly in CATIA
      • Simple license module
  • CENIT solutions have enabled us to make even more efficient detailed use of our new 5-axle simultaneous processing center. This also includes the advance inspection of the processing sequence with the computer-based machine simulator.
    Prof. Andreas Tanner, Professor Machine Tool Design
  • We can now finally simulate our complex NC programs within CATIA V5 without the bothersome change to an external simulation system. We were quick to tap the benefits of VNCK within CATIA V5.
    Erhard Müggler, FASTCONTROL user, StarragHeckert GmbH
  • We found a solution partner in CENIT very quickly. CENIT is a recognized expert in the CATIA V5 environment as well as in the field of complex 6-axle machines.
    Dr. Hilmar Rudloff, CEO Technology Division, Zimmermann