Offline programming system for 3D contours with robots

FASTCURVE is intelligent and high-performance offline programming software for 3D contours in a robotic environment. Several technologies are supported, from laser cutting, water jet cutting and ultrasound cutting, and sealing and roll hemming to laser-beam hardening and laser deposition welding. With FASTCURVE, offline programming for 3D contours is executed quickly and easily within CATIA/DELMIA V5 while taking technology and robot movements into account.

Robot contour applications with FASTCURVE

FASTCURVE is seamlessly integrated into the powerful CATIA/DELMIA V5 infrastructure. Several automatic functions, integrated programming, comprehensive CAD/CAM ability as well as the simulation of the entire robot cell create a working environment fully attuned to the requirements of the user and guarantee collision-free tool paths.

The various complex processes of 3D contour processing can be realized with FASTCURVE quickly, efficiently and in high quality.

      • Laser cutting/welding
      • Water-jet cutting and ultrasound cutting
      • Sealing
      • Roller hemming
      • Laser cladding and laser hardening
      • Fully integrated 3D programming, simulation and process verification
      • Definition and validation of complex robot cells
      • Practice-proven and comfortable fixture construction functionality as a supplement to CATIA V5 (fixture can be processed, nested and programmed in 2D, and also exported to external 2D systems)
      • Free positioning as well as calibration function to align fixtures and component
      • UHF programming options (universal holding fixtures)
      • Geometry-based algorithms for the calculation of optimum, collision-free tool paths
      • Parametric programming
      • Simulation of the entire robot cell, incl. robot, fixture, clamping mechanism and auxiliary axis systems
      • Versatile teach and optimization functions
      • Macro recognition for standard geometries (circle, rectangle, hexagon, keyhole, etc.)
      • Reliable interfaces for import of CATIA V4/V5, IGES and DXF data
      • Professional data preparation of contour and surface, intelligent contouring with contour search algorithms and definition of processing direction (regular, tangential)
      • Individual design of support plates
      • Precise control simulation (RRS)
      • Process yalidation with meaningful simulations
      • Powerful functions to calculate smooth and collision-free tool paths
      • Flexible functionalities for detailing
      • Reliable robot programs
      • Comprehensive process chain from the design to offline programming through the direct utilization of native V5 data
      • Time savings with the automated creation of fixtures
      • Increased availability of the robot cell through the omission of the teach-in process
      • Omission of time-consuming prototypes
      • Extensive robot library
      • High quality thanks to previous simulation and collision control
      • Efficient changes thanks to the flexible adjustments to geometric framework conditions via the macroeditor
      • User-friendly dialogs
      • AIRBUS
      • Embraer
      • Chrysler
      • Faurecia
  • With FASTCURVE achieve time savings of 70% in programming.
    Samuel Krauß, EBZ
  • Our 3D laser cutting machine Jenoptik-VOTAN® BIM is perfectly supported by FASTCURVE, the leading CENIT software solution for offline programming and simulation of robot-based 3D contour operations. This bundle provides the customer with a laser system that is easy to program and can be immediately used for production. Thanks to the partnership with CENIT, we are able to offer a turnkey solution to our customers.
    Heinz-Georg Geißler, JENOPTIK Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, Head of Sales and Customer Service