Offline programming system for 3D surface processes

FASTSURF is a comprehensive and high-performance solution for programming, simulation and analysis of 3D surface processes. Several technologies from painting, polishing, bonding to non-destructive testing and sand and shot blasting are supported. Offline programming for 3D surfaces is performed easily and quickly with FASTSURF within DELMIA V5. 

3D surface applications with FASTSURF

FASTSURF is seamlessly integrated into the powerful DELMIA V5 infrastructure. With FASTSURF, the user is supported throughout the entire process of cell planning, offline programming, simulation and visualization/analysis of the order result for geometry-based surface processes.

Sophisticated 3D surfaces can be efficiently implemented with FASTSURF quickly and in high quality.

      • Painting
      • Sandblasting
      • Shot peening
      • Bonding
      • Polishing
      • Non-destructive testing
      • Laser cladding
      • Laser hardening
      • Fully integrated 3D programming, simulation, process verification and visualization of potential painting results
      • Definition and validation of complex robot cells
      • Preparation of the spray object - simple and flexible creation, accurateness and refinement of grids
      • Exact definition of spray pistols (technology, setup, spray patterns)
      • Automatic generation of robot motions based on CAD geometry: perpendicular to surface using guide plane, perpendicular to surface using guide contour, along a given contour, standard DELMIA motions
      • Parametric programming incl. programming templates and trigger support
      • Simulation of the entire robot cell, incl. synchronization of robots and other system components
      • Versatile functions for the modification and optimization of robot paths: Manual manipulation, point interpolation, rail interpolation
      • Translation to robot language
      • Film build verification with query option at any desirable point
      • Support of all painting lines (multi-robot systems, linear axis, conveyors, tracking)
      • Geometry-based algorithms for the calculation of optimum, collision-free contours and surfaces paths
      • Precise control simulation (RRS)
      • Process yalidation through reachability analysis of the respective robot type and collision recognition between robot, jet, component and additional axes
      • Powerful functions to calculate smooth and collision-free tool paths
      • Flexible functionalities for detailing
      • Visualization via colour scale to display film thicknesses
      • Reliable robot programs
      • Comprehensive process chain of planning, offline programming, simulation up to the analysis through direct usage of native V5 data
      • Increased availability of robot cell through the omission of the teach-in process
      • Extensive robot library
      • High quality thanks to previous simulation, data visualization, collision control and axis limit monitoring
      • Extensive process simulation report: Material consumption, share of spent volume, etc.
      • Simple user interface 
      • Boeing
      • Daimler
      • Lockheed Martin
      • Honda
      • Toyota