Efficient processes in the Digital Factory with the CENIT solution portfolio

CENIT solutions for the Digital Factory support companies in the manufacturing and logistics industries in mapping, simulating and optimizing real processes in the digital world.

Processes validated in the Digital Factory can ensure cost-minimized and at the same time, very quick and efficient production startup.

More than 25 years of optimized manufacturing processes

The CENIT solution portfolio supports manufacturing enterprises in various tasks along the Digital Factory process.

This ranges from project scheduling and planning to layout definition, simulation and optimization to offline programming. Various business units and departments can benefit from our more than 25 years of manufacturing expertise, the diverse CENIT solutions, the underlying efficient CENIT software products, the comprehensive process coverage and networking and the excellent service.

    • Early validation of the production layout

      • 3D layout planning of entire cells, systems and lines
      • Scheduling and availability planning of complex machines and robot manufacturing lines
      • Validation of various complex manufacturing processes
      • Securing integral collaboration between different production components
    • Efficient and cost-effective programming of system

      • Automated, geometry-based programming of point, curve and surface applications
      • Supports the robotics and machining environment
      • Coverage of various technologies with a consistent, efficient software platform
    • Mapping and optimization of manufacturing processes

      • Simulation of simple and complex manufacturing processes
      • Precise logistics and material flow simulation
      • Validation of machines and robot movements incl. collision control
      • Optimization of the program in accordance with actual conditions, thanks to comprehensive robot library and precise control simulation
      • Real simulation of NC processes in V5 and V6

The Digital Factory - make the most of opportunities!

Make use of the potentials that can be realized through virtual process design and validation. Get to know the FASTSUITE solutions and tell us about your requirements.

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