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Process Planning - DELMI

The range of requirements in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) toward producers is increasing constantly due to globalization. Cost pressure, brief development and time-to-market periods, new production technologies and ever more complex products require an optimization and stringent pursuit of business goals in all areas of the business.

To meet these requirements, DELMIA developed a product portfolio adapted precisely to PLM and based on the V5 infrastructure. DELMIA comprises solutions for the design, simulation, optimization, control and monitoring of production processes. This combination enables an optimum implementation and an efficient ongoing development of production processes.

  • Cost savings through significant process optimization
  • Significant savings through the shift from real to virtual processes
  • Optimization of time planning for strategies such as lean construction, time-to-market and delivery reliability
  • Consistent associativity enables quicker and more sustained learning effects and reuse of knowledge (Knowledgeware)
  • Interface issues are a thing of the past
  • Rapid reaction through consistent timely and up-to-date data structures
  • Data conformity in line with the requirements of the OEM
  • Investment and planning security through one-stop solutions
  • Process Engineer Quest
  • V5 Robotics
  • V5 Human
  • DPM Body in White
  • DPM Assembly
  • MPS Machine Tool Path Simulation