ECTR Integration for Fastsuite Edition 2

Virtual production safeguarding and virtual commissioning through integration of FASTSUITE Edition 2 and SAP ECTR

With the integration of FASTSUITE Edition 2 and SAP ECTR, CENIT closes the gap between engineering and manufacturing with an integrated, powerful Digital Factory Solution that complements SAP’s Intelligent Product Suite perfectly.

FASTSUITE Edition 2 links the worlds of product development and plant planning, and fully supports the process of digital production planning and security right up to the virtual commissioning of production equipment or plants.


  • independent of CAD/CAM systems
  • with direct integration into SAP ECTR / FCTR-
  • with project document management in SAP
  • with exchange of process information
  • with resource management (simulation resources)
// ECTR Integration for Fastsuite Edition 2


  • Production processes are mapped realistically for the entire area of digital manufacturing – from engineering and simulation to virtual commissioning.
  • Optimal linking of simulation and manufacturing technology - support of relevant manufacturing technologies and applications via predefined technology packages.
  • FASTSUITE’s openness, scalability and user-friendliness allow an easy start with fast and concrete project results.


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