cenitCONNECT Visualization

Overall accessibility of CAD models in neutral formats for every SAP user - CENIT CONNECT Visualization

The objective of cenitCONNECT Visualization is the clear presentation and easy accessibility of individual parts or entire assemblies in SAP. Likewise, visual access to each product ist guaranteed to all users involved in the value creation process - without additional license costs for CAD authoring systems.


2D & 3D product visualization in SAP

2D diagrams and 3D geometries are combined with metadata from the SAP ERP environment and other systems and are made available in standardized formats such as 3D PDF. Even complex content is simplified and displayed in image/text combinations in a clear and understandable manner.

cenit CONNECT Visualization: Screenshot of a Cross-Section in the SAP ECTR Viewer
cenitCONNECT Visualization SAP ECTR

Greater Process Reliability Right from the Start

Accelerate, improve and secure critical processes using enterprise-wide 3D visualization. This results in clarity as to the product structure for everyone involved, long before the first prototype is manufactured.

Cost Reduction through Reduced Complexity

Content that is quicker and easier to understand, and the automated generation of documents reduce effort and costs.

  • Accelerated and improved decision-making by avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Support of the business processes due to the simple data insight of all participants.
  • Reduction of effort and costs through automated visualization.
  • Elimination of license costs of CAD authoring systems for users who are not involved in the design.