Efficient PLM introduction for medium-sized companies Is there a PLM introductory concept tailored to medium-sized companies which guarantees quick productivity and can be expanded to accommodate the individual company requirements?

The benefits of PLM (product life cycle management) for successful product development and efficient business products are also beyond dispute for today's medium-sized companies. But why have so many companies failed to take this step or remain stuck in the document and data administration?

The introduction of a company-wide PLM solution entails special challenges and risks for KMUs, because their personal and financial means are usually limited. There is often a lack of experienced consultants and IT experts who harmonize the individual business processes and planned solution with simultaneous acceptance of this change by the staff.

How extensive and visionary should the first step of a PLM introduction be?

The annually appearing "Chaos Report" of the Standish Group makes clear that the project size has a major influence of the success of an IT project on the one hand – the better the overview, the more certain it is that goals will be achieved – and the correct project methodology on the other - agile methods are superior to traditional waterfall methods.

Based on extensive project experience and recommendations of the Standish Group with its PLM introductory package "Ready-to-Grow", CENIT offers a safe and quick entry into the digital world of the modern 3DEXPERIENCE platform from Dassault Systèmes.

The package includes a best-practice pre-configuration of the essential PLM/PDM topics in order to prepare a ready-to-use solution with minimal effort from the start and thus facilitate the customer's entry into PLM. With a high degree of standardization of the pre-configured solution, individual project expenses are also reduced and the typical project risks are minimized with short feedback loops.

The project scope focuses on traditional PLM core topics, such as consistent product structures, interdepartmental collaboration and consistent development process with high availability:

  • Management of CAD data for author systems CATIA V5, V6, SolidWorks, NX
  • Version management of CAD data
  • Work flow for technical change service of CAD data
  • Management of documents accompanying development
  • Establishing a developer cockpit

In the process, we provide the basis for further, incremental digital transformation in the production development process quickly and with a results-oriented approach.

Is there a PLM project available for a fixed price?

With clearly defined project content, we concentrate on core elements of an efficient PLM in the introductory phase, which can be implemented quickly and with low risk - and thus a quickly visible success and high user acceptance are included. However, the individuality each customer is also a factor in our introductory concept.

The device scope of service of the package includes the installation, a practice-oriented pre-configuration of the 3DEXPERIENCE solution and a strictly moderated introductory workshop adapted to the solution for definition of customer-specific details. And it all comes at a fixed price.

The high degree of standardization of the solution is achieved by implementing our pre-configuration and customer-specific adaptations in the project with pure configuration with the cenitSPIN Configuration engine.

As a result, we avoid complex and cost-intensive customizing. This process offers a series of concrete and long-term advantages for our customers, during the introductory and operating phase of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform:

  • Adaptations to the system are configured easily and are not realized with customizing and/or programming
  • Customers can make changes to the configuration independently at a later time and implement additional individual business processes
  • All adaptations are automatically documented and traceable
  • Automatically transferable configuration statuses of test and productive systems offer transparency, avoid transfer errors and thus provided safety when going live
  • In case of a release change, configurations can be transferred simply and safely from the existing to the next release

In summary, the "Ready-to-Grow" project approach enables, according to our experience, a reduction of expenses and introductory time by up to 50% in comparison with traditional, specification-driven introductory projects. And then? You also benefit in the long term with low operating costs.

With this first step towards digital transformation of business processes, the foundation is already in place for expansion of other company processes with the 3DEXPERIENCE.

A quick entry - with high "grow" potential is also possible.