PLM with cenitSPIN: simple, fast and efficient

The cenitSPIN Product Suite bundles the PLM experience that CENIT has gained from countless customer projects and over many years in order to realize PLM projects more successfully, faster and with lower project risks. Technology and user interface of cenitSPIN are seamlessly integrated into the innovative 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The software solution helps companies efficiently implement advanced product lifecycle management by making complexity more manageable for the individual user and replacing company-specific customization with a pure system configuration.

cenitSPIN as an add-on to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform focuses on the following advantages:

  • Simplicity: With individual cenitSPIN Dashboard Widgets, the right information reaches the right user at the right time. The configurable user interface follows the principle of "less is more" and thus promotes work efficiency.

  • Speed: Everyone involved keeps an eye on his personal priorities thanks to individualized dashboards. This helps to avoid unwanted delays.
    For administrators, extensive configuration options are available to quickly and securely make company-specific adjustments to the data model, business logic or user interface.
    With the optionally available pre-configuration for medium-sized companies, the project introduction is additionally shortened, as frequently required adjustments to business processes have already been implemented.
  • Cost Efficiency: Customer-specific adaptations to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform are only configured, no longer programmed. As a result, the specification and implementation costs are significantly reduced, since already proven function blocks are used repeatedly. This standardization simplifies release updates, reduces support costs and thus ensures long-term investment security.

The cenitSPIN Product Suite consists of the following individual products:






















Dashboards shape the new, innovative user interface of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. The widgets provided there are very simple and intuitive to use. In our experience, they significantly increase user adoption and reduce the time needed to train new employees on the platform.

The cenitSPIN Dashboard product provides a framework in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform that allows administrators to configure and deploy customized and task-specific cenitSPIN widgets to their user groups.

Unlike the 3DEXPERIENCE widgets, which each relate to a specific use case, cenitSPIN widgets allow flexible visualization of any kind of business objects in individually configurable table views, as KPI or in diagram form. This results in individual user interfaces that are optimized for users’ specific needs and activities.

With a cenitSPIN widget even complex information and relationships can be flexibly evaluated and displayed in order to present the relevant contents to the various user groups in a suitable, clear way – there are no limits to creativity.

This gives different user groups simplified access to selected PLM content optimized for their specific use case. Typical activities such as changing status or opening data can also be done directly from the widget.

Ultimately, the user has access to all the cenitSPIN and 3DEXPERIENCE widgets provided to him, in order to put together his own personal dashboard.

The product 'cenitSPIN Dashboard' is based on the latest web technology and has been validated by Dassault Systèmes as a CAA2 solution for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The cenitSPIN configuration engine significantly enhances the configuration options of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, thus reducing the typical effort required for customization. It provides administrators with fast graphical analysis and secure system customizations, such as: For example, the data model, business logic, event triggers, or the user interface.

Even more sophisticated adjustments to the business logic or automated services, such as stamping drawings, are quickly configured with the graphical user interface and can then be tested immediately in the system. This allows an agile project approach with short feedback loop of the users, which contributes significantly to short introduction times and high acceptance of the solution.

Without the configuration engine, many of the typical customization needs, for example, on the business processes and data model would need to be realized by proven experts through near-system database commands and programming. Not to forget the considerable effort to create a specification as well as the delayed implementation, testing and documentation of the desired changes.

In contrast, all customizations are automatically documented with the Configuration Engine and can be tracked by others at any time. From a completed and tested scope of change, a change package is then summarized, stored in the system and securely transferred from the test to the productive system by means of the transport function. In a short time, a PLM system tailored to the company-specific requirements and processes is created.

Subsequent adaptations due to changing business processes are also easily possible with the Configuration Engine. New adjustments are then first configured and validated in the test system to subsequently transfer the new change package to the productive system during operation.

Thanks to standardized methods and proven software components of the Configuration Engine, also future release updates are simplified. CENIT ensures that the supplied software components will continue to function as usual in future releases. This also reduces the long-term cost of operating the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

In summary, the cenitSPIN configuration engine significantly reduces the typical effort involved in implementing and running a 3DEXPERIENCE solution, prevents possible sources of errors by configuring the system through standardized methods, and makes the changes transparent to all.

Just make a change? Why not?

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