Partenariat entre SIASUN et CENIT

SIASUN choisit CENIT pour développer un logiciel de simulation et de programmation de sa nouvelle machine laser 3D

Publié 10.10.2019 | Actualisé 01.08.2023

Siasun, un des principaux fabricants chinois de robots et d'équipements d'automatisation, décide de coopérer exclusivement avec CENIT AG pour créer un logiciel de pointe pour sa nouvelle machine laser 3D. Le développement sera basé sur le logiciel FASTSUITE Edition 2 de CENIT, qui sera personnalisé pour fonctionner en parfaite synchronisation avec la machine nouvellement construite.

Partenariat entre SIASUN et CENIT

SIASUN Robot and Automation Co. Ltd., a Shenyang based company, recently opened a new subsidiary in Wuxi, about 130km West of Shanghai. One of the first projects is the development of a brand new 3D laser machine which is about to be introduced in 2020. To be highly competitive, in today’s market, even the most capable machines need to be programmed with a professional software to take full advantage of all available features. That is why SIASUN is teaming up with Stuttgart (Germany) based CENIT, a company with more than 30 years of related experience. CENIT will create a SIASUN branded off-line programing software which fits exactly to the machine and will enable SIASUN to offer its customers a turn-key solution.

Rongbo Fan, Technical Director at the „Intelligent Equipment” business group of SIASUN, recognizes CENIT’S FASTSUITE as the perfect core for such a development project: “With FASTSUITE Edition 2, CENIT has created an impressive, industry-leading software for the simulation and programming of robots and machines. Thanks to its modular design and openness, the software responds to the SIASUN requirements. The customers will get a tailor-made user experience and the software is perfectly adapted to the laser cutting processes on the SIASUN machine. That’s really a powerful value proposition.”

Tobias Off, CENIT’s Director of Business Development Asia, sees the vast potential of this cooperation: “China has been the world's largest industrial robot market for several years now and therefore is of utmost importance to CENIT and FASTSUITE Edition 2. Having the right strategic partners to enter the market and to offer the best possible support for our clients in China is essential. SIASUN is a powerhouse in China’s industrial automation industry with lots of potential to utilize FASTSUITE’s full capabilities for machines and robots alike. Their focus is mostly on hardware, but together with CENIT as their reputable software partner a powerful alliance is born, which can make a lot of waves in the years to come.”

CENIT and SIASUN are already eyeing the next steps and plan to extend their cooperation beyond laser machines into the development of innovative robot applications. Mr. Bernhard Weber the Chief Representative of the German State of Baden-Württemberg in China also supports the collaboration ‘’The partnership between CENIT and SIASUN is a good example for mutually beneficial entrepreneurial and scientific activities within the framework of the national strategies Industry 4.0 and China 2025 of Germany and China. The State of Baden-Württemberg has longstanding partnerships with its sister provinces Jiangsu and Liaoning in China. SIASUN is originally from Shenyang, Liaoning, and its new development center is based in Wuxi, Jiangsu. CENIT is from Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, so the cooperation encompasses all three regions, which makes it truly outstanding.’’ 

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