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Start-up Synergeticon first established itself as a system provider for industrial AI in aircraft construction.
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Synergeticon: Hamburg-based startup relies on empathy for better IT

Listening Improves Artificial Intelligence!

How will we organize human-machine-relations in the 21st Century? Together with their team of more than 20 data scientists, the founders of Synergeticon offer some remarkable answers to this question. The crux is not just the technology of their AI-based industry solutions, but also the way in which they approach it together with their clients, throughout their network, and within their startup business.

For a tech startup to be successful, it needs a very good idea, plenty of personal commitment and – once the orders start coming in – more and more experts who want to lend a hand.

Now, how do you go about recruiting AI experts, one of the most sought-after resources on the job market today?

“That’s indeed an enormous task” agrees David Küstner, who in 2015 founded Synergeticon together with Daniel Erdelmeier. “Nowadays, the really top-notch data scientists can choose from hundreds of job offers.”

Following the concept “experts want to work with experts”, Küstner and Erdelmeier first familiarized themselves deeply with the topic. As a result, even before they started their company, they were connected to various tech communities. They also needed this background to be able to identify the truly outstanding data scientists.

Once the project got underway, they actually succeeded in their first recruiting efforts. This again made it easier to find more staff of this excellence: "Our employees have a voice in the AI world, so they automatically serve their own networks", explains Küstner.