IT transformation

Stay fit for the future through IT transformation

Frequently, existing systems are not fit for the current requirements of the digital user and therefore do not meet the challenges of the digital society. Through intelligent use of current technologies and transfer of your business knowledge, you can optimize the connectivity and availability of your systems.

Conversion of your IT to an "always on service provider"

IT has long been focused purely on the operation of systems and applications. Due to constantly progressing digitalization, IT is changing to a user-centered service provider with maximum availability, which represents the next evolutionary stage of technologies.

Use our leading know-how for this:

  • Assessments for analysis and optimization of your IT
  • Minimization of risk in business continuity, information security and data protection
  • Many years of experience in leading industrial companies

Through the introduction of efficient innovations, you will secure your competitive edge. Take the first step and contact a CENIT specialist!



Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

+49 711 78 25 33 46