Migration service and system change

Migration as a service? More than just moving data!

We understand migrations as a service, which must consider many aspects. In doing so, documents in their source context and target systems in their processes are considered and evaluated as one unit. This approach ensures that the document context is preserved.

What use is the best migration strategy if the documents are not harmonized in the target system?

We make sure, together with you, that the documents to be migrated out of multiple systems maintain their value and are presented uniformly.

Benefit from the approach that the migrations and project are viewed as one inseparable unit by us:

  • Migration experts are an equally integrative part of the project
  • Assurance that the migration always keeps an eye on the project goal and its processes
  • Development of a solution-oriented migration design and strategy

Migration of context-sensitive data and documents is a fundamental service. Take the first step and contact a CENIT specialist!



Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

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