System consolidation

System consolidation? But correctly please!

In the past, system consolidations were frequently performed solely as IT projects to reduce the IT complexity. In addition to reducing the complexity, optimizing the processes of the technical department is also crucial in this process. Only both aspects considered together can lead to a successful system consolidation.

The goal of a successful system consolidation is the harmonization of processes.

The right strategy during the analysis and consolidation of the data and target processes is pivotal for the success of a consolidation. Our many years of experience in system consolidation and creative use of methodologies help our clients to have successful system consolidations.

Benefit from the leading practices of the CENIT consultants:

  • Joint requirements analysis with the various departments and IT
  • Use of optimally selected technologies
  • Proven methodologies during the data analysis

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Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

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