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CENIT AG opens China Office
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CENIT to leverage sales company for greater share of growing Chinese robotics market

CENIT AG Opens China Office

Stuttgart, February 17, 2021 – February 1, 2021 saw the official opening of a new CENIT office in Suzhou, China, meaning that CENIT Group now maintains offices in nine countries around the globe. The chief focus of CENIT’s activities in China will be exploiting market potentials in the robotics and Digital Factory sectors.

CENIT AG is further consolidating its presence in Asia: The Company already established a Japanese subsidiary (CENIT Japan) in 2011, and the first sales activities on the Chinese market were launched about four years ago. By establishing an official presence in China, CENIT Software Technology (Suzhou) Co. Ltd., CENIT plans to acquire Chinese OEMs and manufacturing businesses as clients in the digital factory sphere. A clear focus of these activities will be CENIT’s FASTSUITE E2 software, an independent, standalone 3D simulation platform that maps production across the entire digital manufacturing process – from engineering to virtual commissioning.