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Tool Specialist Meissner drives Automation with FASTSUITE by CENIT
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Tool Specialist drives Automation with FASTSUITE by CENIT

Meissner relies more on robots

To serve clients from around the world, tool making company Meissner AG strives to continually expand its automation portfolio. In 2019, this resulted in a new business unit. In addition to mold loading and unloading equipment, the company intends to explore new approaches in the use of robotic systems. The effort has yielded excellent manufacturing solutions, including a project in which a robot executes 160,000 surface embossing operations that look as though they have been done by manual engraving. To realize its robot programming objectives, Meissner partnered with CENIT’s FASTSUITE team.

The rural region between Siegen and Marburg is known for mold production “Made in Germany”. As such, it’s also home to Meissner, a 100-year-old company which has become a byword for competence, reliability and innovation in developing prototype and series tools.

Automation with a startup attitude

To drive innovation in automation, Meissner relies on a young team led by Maximilian Kombächer, 32, who built up the unit and now acts as Team Leader, Automation Technology.