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Measuring Successful Digitalization

ZOLLER – From machine manufacturer to digitalization enabler

Digitally connected processes, data availability and integrated value chains: today, almost every manufacturing enterprise is faced with the task of finding solutions to these challenges. Digital transformation seems a steep hill to climb. So is the pressure to do everything right. But usually, success isn’t owed to a single big bang moment. Instead, one has to follow a consistent succession of clear steps towards the digital goal. This is precisely the path chosen by ZOLLER - global leader in inspection and measuring devices - and the company takes the same approach to its internal optimization Projects.

For ZOLLER, the design of digital transformation has two-fold significance: over the past decades, the company has evolved into a systems provider for fully automated tool measurement and provision. ZOLLER offers cutting and machining solutions that shorten customer-side setup cycles and minimize downtime.

Greater productivity, enhanced quality, secure processes – together, they equal efficient, future-proof manufacturing. That’s the promise ZOLLER makes to its customers. To keep that promise, the company must deliver a synthesis of machinery and software which fulfills maximum expectations regarding consistency and availability.


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