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Incident & Problem Management

Service malfunctions are processed in Incident Management. The objective here is to restore the malfunctioning services as quickly as possible and with as little impact as possible to operative business.

This gives Incident Management a strong perception in daily business. Due to its quick feedback, external effects and the value associated with this is easier to identify than other service processes.

Problem Management on the other hand looks for the underlying causes of malfunctions. The aim here is to reduce the number and severity of malfunctions for the future.

In comparison to Incident Management, the value of Problem Management for a business becomes tangible in the midterm.

Support Center Process

The example shows a simplified version of the current support center process. By highly networking service structures and short information paths within CENIT, we are able to realize quick response times for our customers.

  • The selection process was clearly open-ended and geared toward our future requirements. In the end, the best offer won – and this was clearly CENIT.
    Werner Steidle, Head of Virtual Product Development, Mann+Hummel GmbH
  • The guaranteed high availability of the supported applications plays a major role.