Coristo SAP Material Master Management

The maintenance of the material master in SAP is a special challenge in every company. Since correct material master data is the basis for correct business processes, this master data is also particularly critical. Incorrect or incomplete material master data leads to high efficiency losses, as processes can be executed incorrectly and subsequent corrective measures are necessary, which results in time and cost losses.

In order to avoid problems in the master data, central master data teams are often used for maintenance. These teams must ensure that the right information is provided by the relevant departments at the right time. The information is often only communicated via uncontrolled processes, such as e-mails, and without explicit inquiries in the specialist departments, it can happen that corresponding data is not delivered or is delivered too late. This can result in the entire process suddenly stopping because data is missing or incorrect, because there is always an acute need for action, which in addition to the resulting loss of time also increases the risk of errors.

The software solution Coristo SAP Material Master Management (Coristo MMM) allows role-based display, creation and maintenance of material masters in SAP to ensure the protection and provision of correct material master data throughout the entire life cycle of a material master.

Effective and efficient SAP material master management

In contrast to the SAP standard, where the user is often confronted with a large number of fields according to the material master view concept, the Coristo SAP Material Master Management (Coristo MMM) software solution allows you to design a material master maintenance process according to the needs of the individual departments.

In doing so, each user only gets exactly the material master data that is relevant for him/her to view or maintain. For different roles, such as sales, scheduling or quality assurance, different fields can be defined as required fields, so that it is not necessary to assign default values to required fields from other areas of responsibility, as is often the case with SAP standard maintenance. Coristo MMM also supports the checking of fields in the material master and also the automatic setting of material master fields depending on other fields in the material master. This allows the software solution to be flexibly extended to map a complex set of rules when creating and maintaining material master data. If required, several plants and sales organizations can be created with a single click and filled with predefined values, so that detailed maintenance and completion of the data can then be carried out more easily in the relevant departments.

To ensure that the entire SAP material master maintenance process runs smoothly and that each department is informed about its tasks at the right time, we also offer workflow-based process support with the Advanced Process Management solution.


  • User-friendly generation and management of material masters, where each department only gets the fields that are relevant for it
  • Increase in master data quality by reducing to the essentials and avoiding incorrect entries
  • Guidance of the material master generation process across different business divisions via workflow-based process control
  • Increase of processing times for master data maintenance

Core functionalities

  • Role-based creation and maintenance of material masters in SAP.
    Each user who is assigned this role is only shown the fields that are relevant for him. The fields can be assigned to each role by simple customizing.
  • Clear presentation of the material master fields in a tabular display with flexible self-definable grouping options.
  • Role-based definition of mandatory fields instead of fixed mandatory fields for each user, which have to be filled in the same way as in the SAP standard.
  • Role-based access control to fields in the material master.
    The rigid SAP view concept is dissolved and the fields can be combined as required. Each user only gets one maintenance or display authorization for what he needs.
  • Automated and fast creation of plants and sales organizations
  • Simple setting of default values for material master fields
  • Simple mapping of rules between field values in the material master

Your starter package for an easy start

With our starter kit you are able to test the performance of our software solution within a few days. By activating the Coristo MMM on your SAP Sandbox System, the business departments, but also the IT department, get a quick insight into the Coristo MMM and can test it themselves.

With our starter kit, you will receive an executable exemplary material master maintenance process, which is built up in your system based on your data. You will also receive a detailed documentation of the application and customizing.


We support you from strategy consultation to implementation

It is our claim to accompany you as a customer from strategy consulting to process and solution conception up to realization and implementation. We will go through the following details together with you per phase:

  • Strategy consulting
    The strategy consulting is based on our proven process model and focuses on relevant key aspects. To this end, we conduct an analysis of the technical processes and requirements to understand the business requirements of the company and their impact on the material master data management. In a joint dialog with you, we then derive a target picture and the concrete need for action.
  • Process and solution design
    Together with you, we develop innovative, future-proof concepts for your master data management. In doing so, we rely on our many years of experience in integrated master data projects and bring our best practice methods to bear in process design and solution conception. If required, we can also create accompanying prototypes in the system, in order to make the solution concept an agile approach that can be experienced by everyone involved.
  • Realization and Implementation
    No matter if you are agile or traditional in your project: We are your partner for the realization of your master data projects based on SAP software. We implement powerful master data solutions that will help you to remain competitive in the long term.

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