Our Responsibility

Social Commitment
Sustainable Business Management
Corporate Governance

Our Impact

It is our principle that a company can only achieve long-term success if its business activities take due account of social and environmental considerations. 
Based on this conviction, we assume responsibility as a company. We support and initiate social benefit programs, and we pledge to pursue sustainable business practices and advocate good corporate governance. 

Social Commitment

As an international company, we are conscious of our responsibility to society. Therefore, social commitment has always been an integral part of CENIT’s corporate culture. 

Since 2013, we have supported domestic and international aid projects via our CENIT Cares initiative, with the aim of acting quickly where help is urgently needed – via donations or by lending strong hands on the ground.

We expressly welcome social commitment on the part of our employees and support their efforts by granting special leave.

more than € 140,000 in donations
18 countries
111 projects

Sustainable Business Management

Sustainable business management is an essential aspect of our company’s responsibility. To reduce negative impacts on our environment, we strive to measure and optimize our ecological footprint. 

This motivation provides the basis for our sustainability strategy, by which we aim to contribute our part to climate conservation. We believe that long-term progress in this sphere can only be achieved via transparently defined, measurable targets.

Our current sustainability targets are aimed at reducing our CO₂ footprint by converting to renewable energies, employing energy-efficient technologies and optimizing our production processes. 

External factors permitting, we aim to meet all our energy needs by way of renewables by the year 2030.

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is the foundation on which all business activities are conducted. Within CENIT Group, we ensure that our employees and business partnerships as well as the companies along our value chains adhere to statutory rules and regulations. 

We value and respect human rights and orient our activities on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. We expressly declare our support for the abolition of any and all forms of child labor and expect the same from our business partners and suppliers. 

CENIT Group tolerates no form of corruption, bribery, or granting or accepting of undue advantages and expressly opposes dishonest or unfair business practices.