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We shape sustainable digitalization. Our purpose is based on the recognition that a business can only achieve long-term success if it is able to reconcile its business activities with social and environmental interests. 

Based on this conviction, we assume entrepreneurial responsibility. We initiate and promote social projects, commit to a sustainable way of doing business, and advocate sustainable corporate governance. For us, this also means involving all our stakeholders and maintaining continual dialogue with them.

Social Commitment

As an internationally active company, we are aware of our social responsibility. Ever since CENIT was established, social commitment has been part and parcel of how we live our corporate identity. 

Since 2013, we have been organizing and promoting aid projects domestically and abroad through our CENIT Cares initiative. The all-important objective is to help quickly where help is needed, via donations or hands-on assistance.

We expressly encourage social commitment on the part of our employees and support their activities by granting special leave. 

Over 149.000 EUR donated
In more than 20 countries
More than 100 projects worldwide

Sustainable Corporate Governance

Sustainable corporate governance is a major component of our corporate responsibility. To achieve a positive impact on society, we strive to measure and optimize our ecological footprint. 

This goal forms the basis of our sustainability strategy, aimed at contributing to climate protection. We are convinced that we can only achieve long-term progress if we define transparent, measurable targets.

In our current sustainability goals, we plan to reduce our carbon footprint by switching to renewable energy, implementing energy-efficient technologies and optimizing our production processes. 

Our goal is to achieve 100% renewable energy by 2030, to the extent that we are able to influence the matter.

CENIT Sustainability Report Read our Sustainability Report for information not just on business aspects but also on CENIT AG’s conservation and social topics. Read more about

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance provides the foundation for all our business activities. Within CENIT Group, we ensure that our employees and business partners as well as all businesses along our supply chains adhere to the relevant legal provisions and regulations. 

We honor and respect human rights in accordance with the ten principles of the UN Global Compact. We expressly support the abolition of all types of forced or child labor and expect the same from our business partners and suppliers. 

CENIT Group will tolerate no form of corruption, bribery or unlawful acceptance or grant of benefits and expressly opposes unfair business practices. 

Corporate Governance Code Here you will find general information on the German Corporate Governance Code. Read more about

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We shape sustainable digitalization. For us, sustainable digitalization is the product of an optimal connection between technology, expertise, activities oriented on sustainable goals, and profitable entrepreneurship.

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