What strategy is CENIT following?

We shape sustainable digitalization. This principle defines and guides the strategy and activities of CENIT Group and our employees around the globe. It expresses our purpose, our business object – what we as CENIT are committed to and vouch for in our interactions with our customers, partner companies and investors.

We view sustainable digitalization as the product of an optimal connection between technology, expertise, activities oriented on sustainable goals, and profitable entrepreneurship.

Taking the right steps toward sustainable digitalization: This is the strategic mandate we fulfill for our clients. We see ourselves as your trusted advisor – your partner and trailblazer. To this end, we as a company want to be strong, forward-thinking and agile.

Accordingly, CENIT’s employees stand united behind a joint vision, shared values and clear goals.

Our Vision

CENIT is the champion for process digitalization.

Our Mission

We advise, optimize, integrate and manage digital processes for our customers.

CENIT 2025 Targets

What path will we take to live our vision and fulfill our mission? 
In our “CENIT 2025” Strategy, we have defined clear targets and measures against which we can continually test our achievements and by which we can measure our success.

Secure sustainable growth and increased revenue
Generation of added value for our clients, our employees and our ecosystem
Diversification of our business model
Recognition as a proven expert with deep industry and process knowhow
Recognition as a top provider of high-performance business software
Expansion and consolidation of strategic partnerships with leading platform providers

Our strategic Partnerships

In large part, we owe the history of our success to the long-term strategic partnerships we have formed with three of the leading global IT service and platform providers: Dassault Systèmes, IBM and SAP. We supplement and enhance the solutions and technologies of our strategic partners with our own software solutions and services. 

Continual communication and collaboration on matters of technology, expertise and innovation are major success factors of our strategic partnerships. They let us develop innovative, custom solutions and drive the digital sustainability of our clients.

Dassault Systèmes Partner
Dassault Systèmes Partner We have joined forces with Dassault Systèmes to empower digital transformation, leveraging Virtual Twin Experiences to enhance product lifecycle management and foster sustainable innovation across all sectors. CENIT provides holistic support across… Read more about

Further strategic Partnerships

Ever since CENIT was established, we have collaborated with leading technology and consulting providers as well as research institutions. This competency network lets us grow our expertise and benefit from a mutual transfer of knowledge and knowhow, and it lets us remain a competent partner able to deliver best-in-class solutions and services.

Further Partnerships

Our Sales Partners (Resellers)

A fixed element of CENIT’s strategy is to collaborate with businesses that market CENIT Group’s proprietary solutions as resellers. We work with resellers and master resellers in countries, markets, industries or segments in which CENIT and our subsidiaries have no own presence. In this way, we are able to scale sales of our solutions and services efficiently and convince new customer groups of our solutions. 

The careful, well-targeted selection of our reselling partners and continual maintenance of our relationships with them are an important pillar of our joint long-term success. 

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