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The scenario is well-known: You urgently need a certain document, but search and are unable to find it right away. Now you would at least like a functioning document management system (DMS).

Efficient document management as a basis for future-oriented company processes

The continuously grown data flow of documents, data and files generated each day by a company or externally to the company must not only be manageable, it must also be re-usable.

Documents are saved on the hard disks of work station computers, on file servers, in mail solutions, the directories of technical departments or other systems. A comprehensive view, which comprises all documents of a specific process is hardly possible anymore.

In the course of globalization, in particularly, collaboration becomes increasingly important and thus working processes that are independent of time and location. The requirement for this is mobile access to continuously current company data. Cross-location and global collaboration based on current information is a success factor.

Therefore, it is becoming an increasingly greater priority to eliminate the inadequacies of the past:

Time-consuming searches for the correct document and frequent queries

  • Different storage locations of documents
  • Inadequate access control and rights management
  • Unclear version statuses of documents

It is essential to replace these with future-oriented processes:

  • Uninterrupted and revision-proof document management as a requirement for certifications, management of information, communication with customers, etc.
  • Quick and direct forwarding, processing and documentation of information and its changes
  • Requirement for interdepartmental collaboration

Industry 4.0 and the digital transformation offer new paths for networking between the traditional economy and the digital world. Digital document management consists of far more than merely storing data and documents. A DMS should intelligently bundle information from a variety of sources so that all information is available for efficient work. Efficient document management, therefore, is a lever which can lift the major challenge of many companies: digitalization.

The greatest added value of digital document management systems

The savings of indirect or hidden costs due to improved quality, efficiency and productivity.

This can result on the following concrete aspects:

  • Comprehensive and integration of data and documents along the entire process chain
  • Intelligent full-text searches with automated facet classification enables quick finding and utilization of documents by authorized users
  • Permanently traceable work statuses and no loss of information
  • Backup and management of documents directly in the author system with full integration with the MS Office suite
  • Spontaneous or template-based creation of work flows ("forwarding")
  • Subscriptions concept for messaging about changes of objects via email
  • On data basis for all data and documents for the project and/or product
  • Linking of relevant documents with article master data, part lists and other master data
  • Reduction of search times and thus non-value-creating activities

Your company is ready for the future - but your document management isn't?

We would like to change that. For this purpose, we develop a concept proposal for your company and your requirements for a modern, integrated document management system - if desired, with implementation based on the 3DXPERIENCE, SAP or IBM platform. This includes the following components:

  • Rights management, e.g. according to document class, user roles and life-cycle status
  • Harmonization of document management of different company departments, e.g. development, production, purchasing, supplier integration, marketing
  • Definition of various document types according to their characteristics and life-cycle phases
  • Migration concept for existing data. Depending on data quantity and quality, this comprises everything from drag and drop of file structures to the development of data cleaning and import procedures
  • Creation of document templates for faster creation and management of documents according to uniform methods

In the age of digital transformation, the topic of data management is not "old news". It is one of the keys to future-oriented activity. Is this the case for your business?

André Vogt

André Vogt

Senior Vice President Enterprise Information Management

Horst Heckhorn

Horst Heckhorn

Senior Vice President SAP Solutions

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