Orchestrate processes across applications - thanks to a consistent data and process flow

This is how the 3DEXPERIENCE-Business-Process-Integrator increases process efficiency in product creation

With the 3DEXPERIENCE®️-Business-Process-Integrator, you can optimise interdisciplinary processes such as change management across platform boundaries. This works thanks to a smooth bidirectional exchange of information and data between the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and other company systems. With the integration solution, you can increase the performance of your product creation by automatically transferring article master data, parts lists, production plans and variant models. The freedom of open middleware combined with Security by Design - this is what you benefit from with the 3DEXPERIENCE®️-Business-Process-Integrator.

Advantages: What are the advantages of the software?

End-to-end process

You achieve better results and shorten cycle times thanks to digitally supported processes throughout.

Flexible control

The open, customisable integration solution is tailored to your specific processes and data.


You can automate routines in product creation - across all systems.

Business innovation platform

You get a real business platform thanks to the bidirectional integration of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with commercial and operational systems. 

Workplace quality

All workstations in your product development department have reliable access to the latest knowledge and information.

Maturity level

You can drive progress in the digital transformation of innovation, collaboration and value creation in product development.

What does the 3DEXPERIENCE-Business-Process-Integrator do for your company?

With the 3DEXPERIENCE®️-Business-Process-Integrator, you can establish an end-to-end data and process flow along the product creation process. This benefits collaboration between engineering and downstream departments such as production, procurement, logistics and sales, as well as decision-making. Decision-making is data-based and gains in quality. It is fueled by a maturity-related, complete and timely provision of relevant data.
Our integration solution is very flexible and offers the opportunity to freely design your future business processes - based on your business model. It reliably covers all relevant use cases for integrating the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with other company systems - in all key product creation scenarios:

  • Synchronisation of article master data
  • Comparison of parts lists (design parts list EBOM, production parts list MBOM)
  • Work plans and work assignments
  • Variant models (variants, options, configuration rules)
  • Orchestration of change processes across application boundaries
  • 3D product visualisations in neutral formats
  • Transfer documents, derived document formats
  • Event-based notification of persons and/or departments

The transfer of information and data is usually automatic. The aim is to allow the entire exchange process to run in the background without user interaction. Asynchronous communication ensures robust and fault-tolerant processing.

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The 3DEXPERIENCE-Business-Process-Integrator offers you these added-value features

For integration with ERP systems


  • Shorter development cycles, as Production Planning and Quality Assurance can begin their tasks promptly.
  • Eliminating the manual transfer of product and production data in the ERP system saves time and reduces errors.
  • Support for well-founded decisions in change management through the impact assessment facility, including cost-benefit analysis.
  • Avoidance of inadvertent procurement or production of obsolete component versions.

Integration with other software applications


  • Systems for Supply Chain Management (SCM): The purchasing department has current specifications for its offers. 
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES): Production control is based on correct production documents and employees always having valid product specifications.
  • Product configurators for sales (CPQ, Configure Price Quote): This ensures that only product variants and configuration rules authorised by Development are available in the product configurator.
Highlights of the 3DEXPERIENCE®️-Business-Process-Integrator
  • Modern, scalable middleware architecture with open standards
  • Available in the cloud (SaaS operating model) or as an installation on customer server architecture
  • Applications to be connected in the cloud or on-site at the customer's premises
  • Security by Design: secure access concepts, fail-safe, asynchronous communication and fault-tolerant, scalable data processing
  • Efficient onboarding through preconfigured best-practice applications
  • Configurable widget in 3DEXPERIENCE: Start transfer events interactively with freely selectable user options
  • Productive working, as users can access all relevant information in their preferred software system (PLM or ERP) 

Use Cases: What your company can achieve with the 3DEXPERIENCE-Business-Process-Integrator

Change management 


  • The effort and costs of proposed changes can be calculated.
  • Contextual knowledge enables a comprehensive impact analysis of changes. 
  • There is full transparency regarding the risk of changes at all times.
  • Interdependencies between requirements, components, equipment and production processes are traceable.
  • Plan changes in the 3DXPERIENCE platform - incorporate relevant information from the ERP system.

Organisations make better decisions about proposed changes thanks to fast and accurate cost-benefit analysis and ensure their effectiveness with systematic planning.

Variant management


  • Orders are transferred to the ERP system as a customised configuration (100% product structure).
  • 3DEXPERIENCE and ERP significantly reduce the complexity and change effort of product portfolios with many variants.

With our integration solution, companies accelerate the "order-to-cash" process and increase development efficiency through the use of configurable product structures in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform (150% bill of materials). Product units are automatically created in the ERP system - this prevents transmission errors. Overall, coordination between sales, marketing and the product development departments is greatly simplified.

Neutral format and visualisation


  • Visualisation data and data exchange formats are automatically converted - for use within the company, for partners and suppliers.
  • This process can be triggered, for example, by the release of product data.
  • Visualisation data can be stored with the ERP article data or linked there (e.g. file share as storage location).

Reduce your company's process costs for neutral formats and visualisations - by automating file creation and storage. Better collaboration increases product understanding among more users. It also ensures that the new status is available for subsequent processes following changes.

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Differentiation - Why CENIT?

Expertise 3DEXPERIENCE platform

As a leading Dassault Systèmes partner, we are familiar with the wide range of options offered by the business and innovation platform and can utilise them profitably within your company. 

PLM and ERP business process expertise

Decades of experience of our consultants in the integration of PLM and ERP systems and an in-depth understanding of processes ensure the success of your integration project.

Modern and secure IT architecture

Security and protection of your company's assets are our top priority - we offer experience and expertise in all security requirements for cloud applications in sensitive and business-critical processes.

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