Efficient topology optimization

Higher, faster, further! Optimal design and material utilization are the basis of sophisticated engineering applications. Tosca extends the SIMULIA product portfolio with a powerful topology and shape optimization tool. Interfaces to common FE-solutions (Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran) allow a flexible integration into your existing software environment.


SIMULIA Tosca realizes iterative, non-parametric optimization based on flexible objective functions even under complex geometric and material nonlinearities. The structural response is recalculated in each design cycle by an FE-solution and the optimization history can be displayed and reproduced in post-processing environments.Tosca covers a wide spectrum of optimization tasks.


TOSCA Structure topology

This module enables optimal form finding in a predefined installation space and can significantly reduce development time and costs by integrating it in the early design process. Specific geometric as well as process-related boundary conditions allow for a realistic and feasible solution for a variety of manufacturing methods.

TOSCA Structure shape

Tosca Structure shape improves the found design, for example to eliminate occurring stress peaks by small changes on the surface. Such a post-processing improves the long-term behavior of the component and can therefore significantly influence the life of the assembly.

TOSCA Structure bead

This module optimizes the mechanical and acoustic properties of thin-walled structures by forming beads. The position and geometry of the bead is algorithmically determined under selected boundary conditions such as mass conservation, system stiffness or improved dynamic structure response.

TOSCA Structure sizing

Tosca/Structure sizing is a valuable tool for the calculation of optimized sheet metal thicknesses, taking into account the applied loads, thus enabling a target-oriented design process. A typical application is the optimization of car bodies, but the wind energy and aerospace industries also benefit from sheet thickness optimization. In addition to sheet metal thicknesses, Tosca/Structure sizing can also be used to optimize the radii of the cross-sections of round beam elements. They are becoming increasingly important due to technical progress in additive manufacturing. Here in the form of filigree grid structures (lattice structures build up by 3D printer).


In addition to Tosca Structure, Tosca Fluid also enables the optimization of flow fields. For example, the shapes of branches in ventilation ducts can be optimized, right up to fittings that ensure an undisturbed flow of air with low pressure loss.

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