Training for FASTSUITE Edition 2

We offer trainings on different topics and at different types

Our team has developed the training programs having in mind the needs of the users. The training courses use typical scenarios and simple-to-understand yet realistic exercises Upon request, our experts can also develop training courses for your individual requirements. Or we also offer project-specific workshops and customization projects.

You can book these workshops as classroom training or virtual training.

With the Self-paced training programs, we want to help the companies to train their employees continuously. We provide a flexible learning service program based on tutorials created by our experts, allowing the users to see the contingent booked at the desired time. The self-learn tutorials and the comprehensive training materials are fully interconnected with the F1 help function of CENIT FASTSUITE for the best training experience and immediate help on technical questions.

Our training experts are right by your side also in the Self-paced training by being available upon request for Q&A sessions and easy desktop sharing for questions and explanations is also available.

Physical Class Room or Virtual Training


FASTSUITE Edition 2 basics
Offline Programming basics
Generic OLP Functions
Technology Packages
Edit & Simulate
Resource Builder
Controller Builder
Layout Builder

Target Group

Offline Programmer
Workcell Engineer
Workcell Engineer including Offline Programming


Basic commands
File types
Creating and editing workpieces
Difference: Layout – project – document
Importing process geometries
Technological parameters
Tool path building
Technological events
Editing the tool path on technological and global parameters
Simulation & collision observations
Downloading the finished programs
Creating and editing resources
Creating and editing controller
Creating and editing layouts
Identifying accessibility

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Self-paced training

Laser Cutting and Arc Welding

Topics & Learnings Laser Cutting

Build the Workpiece
Build the Fixture with Fixture Builder Module
Build the Fixture from other CAD Data
Set up the Laser Cutting Project
Generate the Laser Cutting Program
Download the OLP Program

Topics Arc Welding

Basic Arc Welding
Advanced Arc Welding - External Kinematics
Expert Arc Welding - Coordinated Motion

Learnings Arc Welding

Build the Workpiece
Build the Welding Torch
Set up the Arc Welding Project
Create the Welding Program
Modify the Welding Program
Different Programming strategies
Build the robot rail
Build the workpiece positioner
Generate the Arc Welding Program
Generate the Arc Welding Program

The company CENIT carried out the installation and configuration of the interface TDMI in a POC. The installation was done quickly, in simple steps. Any problems could be solved within one day.

Andreas Kratz
Business Success Specialist

AIRBUS Defence and Space

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