Advanced Process Management

Flexible modeling, effective monitoring and efficient handling of business processes in SAP environments

Take process control to the level: cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management lets you optimize your business processes end to end and boosts your operational excellence.

It digitally organizes your collaboration on tasks and projects across your entire product creation process and adapts your product lifecycle management structure to the maturity level of your organization.

As your business evolves, you simply reconfigure your business processes without programming – and you don’t even need IT skills to do it!  

What benefits does our Advanced Process Management solution hold for you?

Integrated Process Quality

Digital workflows, checklists, validation criteria and automated documentation enhance the way you work.

Guaranteed Efficiency

Intuitive task planning and productive workflows thanks to user guidance, collaboration and automation.

Cross-Board Transparency

Clear status information, chat history, digital reporting and guaranteed traceability.

Operational Excellence

Process monitoring for sustainable process optimization. 

Improved Management

Less uncertainty and more information provide a better basis for decision-making.

Adaptive and Flexible

Easy management and ad-hoc specification changes keep you flexible and responsive at all times.

Typical Use Cases we can show you

Engineering Change Management

Complex processes tie up team resources and limit your innovation potential. If you don’t involve all stakeholders in change management, you risk misunderstandings and delays.

cenitCONNECT APM resolves these issues:
by permitting easy modeling of change processes and the use of best-practice templates. It provides systematic digital support for task processing as well as system support for change evaluation and impact assessment.  


  • Significant time and cost reductions 
  • Transparent management, secure decision-making
  • Shorter process cycles 
  • Adherence to compliance guidelines 
  • Multiple assessor principle
  • Logging of processes and activities

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Master Data Management

Low master data quality can have a variety of causes, including poor team coordination and/or poor collaboration with partners, insufficient process quality, inadequate data maintenance and/or validation, or location-specific protocols.

cenitCONNECT APM resolves these issues:
by letting you manage your master data from a single, central location. It gives you role-based views of your complex material masters and provides workflows as well as automation options for maximum processing quality. 


  • You implement a master data strategy that meets your specific needs 
  • Digitalized processes are more transparent and easier to manage 
  • Secure management of master data – local peculiarities are taken into account
  • Reliable quality and consistency of your master data 
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Verification and Validation

Many different factors can slow down your product development and the associated release processes: Quality standards which may differ by customer, region or product, for instance. Or the involvement of internal and external stakeholders, manual validation processes, incomplete or inconsistent data.

cenitCONNECT APM resolves these issues:
by ensuring data consistency and quality throughout your product development process: Defined criteria are queried within workflows and tasks. Specific sub-processes can be triggered and digitally handled as needed.


  • Faster, more efficient release processes 
  • Validation no longer has bottleneck effects on product creation
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What can cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management do for your business?

Our software combines all the advantages of digital, collaborative project management with the capabilities of flexible process management. Now, your task handlers can collaborate throughout your end-to-end product creation processes. By building bridges in data processing, this even works in integrated system environments because as an open software, cenitCONNECT APM is not limited to specific technologies.

Let your process managers model any and all PLM-related processes, e.g. in engineering change management, contract engineering or engineering-related product creation. These tasks do not require IT skills and nothing needs to be programmed: Each use case is configured and process modeling is based on templates. Complex processes can be subdivided into sequential and/or simultaneous sub-processes.

Ad-hoc changes such as additional tasks, team substitutions or milestone modifications can be managed easily. If validation shows that an adapted process is better than the previous version, it immediately becomes the new template. Our advanced business process management solution is the perfect combination between standardized templates and the agility you need to be able to respond to unforeseen events at any time.

Quality assurance of processes, data and collaboration in product creation is supported e.g. by checklists, automated validation and target deviation alerts. cenitCONNECT APM consistently automates routine activities and customizes user interfaces for specific roles and tasks: That’s how we ensure maximum efficiency in process management, project management and task processing.

cenitCONNECT offers you the ideal tool for managing your PLM status and taking new steps in innovative product creation – it will be a game changer for the way you do business!

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What our customers say

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What makes CENIT the right partner for Advanced Business Process Management


We know all about complex product creation scenarios like engineering change management – from the process perspective, and with respect to perfectly designed master data models in SAP.


With us, you won’t be limited to specific technologies: The open architecture of cenitCONNECT APM ensures valid process management even where external applications and multiple system environments are involved.

Custom Solutions

Rather than impose standards on you, we adapt to your needs: With our industry expertise, process-specific best practices and all-round services, we find the optimal solution for each and every customer.

SAP Partner
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