Advanced Process Management

The unique capabilities of cenitCONNECT APM process control guarantee full flexibility in the development of your business processes. cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management allows you to contribute to the design of your processes with the objective of maximum optimization.

Process managers and decision-makers in specialist departments can carry out process modeling - without IT knowledge or programming know-how. Due to the high degree of scalability, workflows can be created reliably for diverse requirements and can be continuously adapted during runtime. This includes, for example, change management, order design and the product development process in engineering.

The support of various roles in the process securely respects your compliance requirements, such as the safeguarding process using a four-eyes principle including digital signatures and revision-proof documentation of decisions. The comprehensive functionality of cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management also includes the logging of information, as well as processing of checklists, coupled with the possibilities of multi-process management for splitting more complex processes into sub-processes.

Digitalize your business processes by our flexible & easy workflow design

Use cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management to orchestrate your activities, stakeholders and business objects.

Cross-functional control of processes and activities

cenitCONNECT APM allows you to design best-fit process templates according to your need of complexity. From customer-driven process scenarios to internal-driven standards for e.g. innovation processes. The mix of standardization and flexible reaction to daily business impacts is key to success and supported by the process adjustments of cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management. Also, self-optimization capabilities of the workflow help to concentrate on value-adding activities in your company.

Resource management and efficiency boost

The preconfigurable team templates ensure an adequate process team configuration. Early multi-team staffing capabilities enable an on-demand and best-fit process workload. The combination of the best-fit workflow with its perfectly equipped experts will lead to an efficient and successful process performance. Above this, our innovative advisor technologies support your experts with impact analyses and take over non-value-adding tasks.

Transparency over your business excellence for stakeholders and partners

cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management takes care of the different needs of e.g. process participants and experts in their home application. Also, responsible product or process managers are respected. Preconfigured KPIs allow state of the art monitoring to ensure a process-driven and continuous improvement of your operational excellence.

What our customers say

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  • Significant improvements through the system-based implementation of your business process model
  • Automation of non value adding repetitive time-consuming work steps
  • Early recognition of the consequences to enable you making the right decisions
  • Continuous improvement of your operational excellence based on steady optimized processes
  • Sustainable management through digitalized and safeguarded decisions
  • Flexible use for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA over multiple SAP systems
  • Complete transparency about the ongoing processes through simple reporting options
  • Time and effort savings through parallelization of process steps
  • Flexible workflow engine with pre-built process models based on best practices


  • Creation of lean processes and continuous improvement
    cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management is the innovative process control with an integration of your data and objects in SAP. Newly developed methods in process automation achieve shorter process run times. Collect and evaluate process-relevant information. Receive streamlined safeguarding and approval processes, supported by the continuous improvement of your processes.
  • Flexibility
    Stay flexible in the process design by specialist departments. IT support is not required for the process definition. The high level of flexibility is provided by the CENIT Workflow Engine.
  • Scalability
    Any processes, from small sub-processes to complex end-to-end scenarios.

cenit CONNECT APM surfaces

Free and easy „no code“ template design for parallel and/or sequential tasks. As the workflow is a core element of digitized business processes, the mix of standardization and adjustment to daily business impacts is key. cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management is providing two perspectives on the ongoing process to support all relevant stakeholders.

  • Preconfigured process templates deliver standards
  • Templates can be linked to different process scenarios and allow a lean and best fit
  • The process and it's steps can be adjusted at run time by authorized experts
  • The process reacts on process situations and adjusts itself
  • A successfully performed process can be easily taken over as a new template allows a fast learning based on real-life experiences
  • The UI5 driven Process Viewer focuses on collaborative information for participants

The Task Desk is the ultimate work environment for active experts. It provides information about the process, scope and results of colleagues at a glance to ensure fast and efficient performance. Providing work orders and information to the expert in his/her home application is a key success factor and supported by cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management.

  • Process-related context combined with task-based focus
  • Directly visible and adjustable attributes and fields in the task
  • Linked outcomes such as SAP master data, external sources and files are visible and can be reached by direct navigation
  • Comment and feedback functionality enables chat between participants
  • Forwarding to colleagues and resubmit options for scheduling enable self-service to the user

Additional helpful capabilities such as notification, escalation and supportive checklists support the expert in the job. These capabilities are also provided in the key environment of product engineers such as the SAP ECTR with the seamless integration of cenitCONNECT APM in the ECTR environment.

The goal of processes is to gain work results by keeping employees active and supporting the performance of activities. As these outcomes and deliverables can have many options, cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management provides a wide range on linkage and navigation capabilities to collect input and output along the process for a complete overview.

  • The virtual workspace with clear representation of every SAP object involved
  • Integrate and visualize SAP document management, CAD data, parts lists and other PLM objects easily
  • Reference and linkage of master data in other SAP remote systems to the central PLM process
  • Relevance on each linked object indicates if the object is e.g. „for information“ or „to be changed“ and can be used as collaboration platform or checklist
  • External databases and their store results can be referenced via URL
  • Office files can be easily attached without the need to manage them in a document management system

Your personal entry into the PLM world. Manage your work lists and see its status via the traffic light control. The personalized interface allows you to jump directly into processes and activities.

  • Preconfigured KPIs for participants, deciders, managers and coordinators e.g. identified roadblocks, hanging tasks, or overdue processes
  • Seamlessly integrated in SAP Fiori Launchpad, usable with long-term support PLM UI in ECC and S/4HANA environment

If the UI5 Fiori usage is not yet established in your daily business, we gladly support you during the initial set up and activation of related system functionalities. If the IT strategy relies on NetWeaver Business Technology and Web Dynpro interfaces, we also deliver a so-called „workplace“ for experts and process coordinators to recognize and prioritize tasks and processes.

The Advisor Technology is the innovative framework of cenitCONNECT Advanced Process Management to support business excellence. It takes over non value-adding tasks as well as analyzes the SAP data model, additional information and maturities to reduce the efforts for the employee.

  • The Selection Advisor searches in the complete SAP database for linked and familiar business objects and indicates if they might be impacted
  • Based on the analysis and it´s outcome, the expert can reflect the results and take over results easily into the process
  • Configurable „Executive Advisor“ supports the expert in administrative work such as the creation of SAP change master, managing object statuses according to approvals, and checking classifications
  • Check process outcomes such as information/attributes at process level or even evaluations at task level to adjust the process flow as needed. Based on that, a dynamic „best fit“ process can be performed and be predefined without manual adjustment efforts.

Why CENIT is the right partner

Crucial for a successful digitization of your business processes is an adequate assessment of the current situation. Also, a healthy and methodical reflection of current practices and a lean implementation with tool support are essential. Based on our broad experience in digitalization gained through numerous customer projects, we accompany these phases and enable our customers to act independently in the future. Our industry-specific best practices provide you with a demand-driven optimization and digitalization of your processes. Seamlessly within your SAP environment.


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