SAP Master Data Governance

SAP’s Master Data Governance (MDG) solution offers you support in cross-board generation and management of consistent master data along your entire value chain. It delivers transparent and replicable information on changes in master data, rapid release processes and automatic, system-wide distribution.

Harmonize IT and Business Concerns

The goal of integrated master data management is to harmonize IT and business concerns. This creates a foundation for future projectsimproves data quality and, in the long term enhances your decision-making basis and thereby achieves indirect cost-saving benefits.

This approach not only serves to automate individual process steps or business processes – the right end2end strategy also lets you combine master data management with effective process management.

The SAP Master Data Governance solution was created specifically with this purpose in mind, and it is highly integrated with the SAP Business Suite. SAP MDG can be combined with process management components including rule-based workflow management using the Business Rule Framework (BRF+).


  • Process efficiency and transparency thanks to automation and role-based work allocation
  • Flexibility thanks to a wide range of options for solution setup and expansion
  • Increased security thanks to low-risk starter kit with prototype installation
  • Single source from strategic consulting to implementation and services

Fields of Application

SAP Master Data Governance offers master data management for financial, supplier and material masters. It provides predefined data models, validations and workflows that can be adapted to your specific needs. The secure release process is based on role and workflow definitions as well as automatic data validation during release and/or modification.

Functions/ Features

  • Optimization of core business processes
  • Support for internal and external business communications
  • Multiple organizational units
  • Associated master data
  • Push principle
  • Master data request (staging area)
  • Increased transparency in business reporting
  • Master data "as a service"


  • SAP Master Data Governance (SAP MDG) Central Governance lets you establish a central ownership regime for all master data, in full accordance with the business rules and processes of your enterprise.
  • MDG provides domain-specific, predefined applications as well as a framework for customer-defined master data.
  • MDG offers change request-based management of master data using the following elements: workflow, staging, approval, activation and distribution.
  • MDG can be deployed as a separate hub system or alongside SAP ERP. In both cases, master data can be generated in accordance with SAP or enterprise-specific business logic, for immediate use in the relevant business processes.

Your starter package for an easy start

With our starter kit, you need just a few days to see for yourself how SAP MDG performs. After activating the SAP MDG on your SAP Sandbox system, your technical divisions as well as your IT quickly get an overview of SAP MDG and gain their own “look and feel” impression. In effect, you receive a small, operational prototype setup within your system.


We support you from strategy consultation to implementation

It is our claim to accompany you as a customer from strategy consulting to process and solution conception up to realization and implementation. We will go through the following details together with you per phase:

  • Strategy consulting
    The strategy consulting is based on our proven process model and focuses on relevant key aspects. To this end, we conduct an analysis of the technical processes and requirements to understand the business requirements of the company and their impact on the material master data management. In a joint dialog with you, we then derive a target picture and the concrete need for action.
  • Process and solution design
    Together with you, we develop innovative, future-proof concepts for your master data management. In doing so, we rely on our many years of experience in integrated master data projects and bring our best practice methods to bear in process design and solution conception. If required, we can also create accompanying prototypes in the system, in order to make the solution concept an agile approach that can be experienced by everyone involved.
  • Realization and Implementation
    No matter if you are agile or traditional in your project: We are your partner for the realization of your master data projects based on SAP software. We implement powerful master data solutions that will help you to remain competitive in the long term.

We are ready to support you in all phases of your SAP MDG Master Data Project

  • Analysis of your baseline situation and goal-setting
  • Feasibility analysis and consulting on your target situation
  • Installation and/or activation of SAP MDG within your system
  • Development of a prototype
  • Conceptualization and implementation of the SAP MDG solution
  • Expansion of the SAP MDG solution
  • Development and expansion of rule-based workflows (standard BRF+ workflows)
  • Development and expansion of the master data rulebook (BRF+)
  • UI expansions based on the SAP Floorplan Manager (FPM)

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