Agile production planning and scheduling

DELMIA Ortems APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) supports customers worldwide in the planning, scheduling and optimization of production processes. The DELMIA ORTEMS APS solution complements the capabilities of constraint-based resource optimization with limited capacity and the synchronization of all materials and manufacturing processes - from raw materials to finished products. 

Optimal calculation basis under consideration of real conditions

Simulations within the production plan enable the determination and analysis of important parameters and form an optimal calculation basis for the planning of plant productivity. The simulation results enable the analysis of alternative solutions and take into account specific data, such as installation and changeover times or employee skills. An additional functionality enables the coordination of production capacity with the internal and external supply chain. This forms the basis for scheduling supplier parts and customer deliveries in a timely manner and thus avoiding the build-up of inventories. This enhanced internal transparency and process coordination not only reduces operating costs, but also improves customer service. The long-term collection of data is an important step towards true digital transformation, making future investments more calculable.


  • Integrated planning and scheduling functionalities in a single tool
  • High speed in the design of the production process
  • Comprehensive management of the production process for all project participants
  • Improving the efficiency and transparency of the production process
  • Efficient and holistic cost control by reducing the number of errors discovered during simulation
  • Expertise in integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
  • User-friendly graphic solution


Planning: DELMIA Ortems Manufacturing Planner

The DELMIA Ortems "MANUFACTURING PLANNER" enables the fast and largely automatic planning of orders including their work cycles, identifies production bottlenecks, calculates immediately planning changes and "what if" simulations if necessary. MANUFACTURING PLANNER" improves the Master Production Schedule process, as well as sales and operations planning for manufacturing companies. It is an indispensable tool for cross-departmental planning work, integrating all processes and identifying all resource and production-related constraints for companies that involve complex production runs or long cycle times.


Control/Termination: DELMIA Ortems Production Scheduler

DELMIA Ortems "Production Scheduler" provides detailed planning and integrated management of product and process related constraints/prescriptions/conditions for multiple resources such as machines, tools and operators. As part of the DELMIA portfolio, the "Production Scheduler" generates short-term optimization opportunities for "Made-to-Order" or inventory-based production processes. This leads to generally better production runs and the possibility of short-term reactions to unforeseen events.


(Multi-stage) part list synchonization: DELMIA Ortems Synchronized Resource Planner

The DELMIA Ortems "Synchronized Resource Planner" offers a user-configurable system for material flow and capacity synchronization to enable "just-in-time" (demand and production integration across all BOM levels). The "Synchronized Resource Planner" helps to coordinate purchase and work orders, creates end-to-end traceability and initializes material procurement orders, so that DELMIA Ortems users can maximize their material stocks and manufacturing capacities while taking into account given constraints and external influences.


Simple integration: Visual Interface Configurator

The Visual Interface Configurator ensures ERP integration without customer-specific programming. Periodic e-mail updates about the functionality of the interface as well as important dashboard data guarantee uninterrupted and trouble-free work. This makes the entire APS solution faster, cheaper and easier to implement and maintain. System upgrades are easy to perform and the integration can be easily duplicated on test, qualification and production systems. This makes it easy to transfer the integration to a new production system. 

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