PLM software for efficient production planning

With DELMIA software solutions, productions and subsequent product services will be developed, planned and realized. With powerful tools on a consistently networked platform, this process runs more efficiently and the result impresses with lower overall costs and higher quality at the same time.

DELMIA includes the planning of the production as well as the operative production operation. New and individualized products can be integrated and delivered into the production operation much faster and their production is optimized through the use of DELMIA.

The consistent application of digital processes enables the interlocking of engineering, optimization and operative business of a production. In this way, a production can be developed and operated that achieves significant improvement in the following areas:

  • Capacity utilisation
  • Processing times
  • Production capacity
  • Quality                

Global processes are generated, controlled and synchronized for the digital models. The connection to the real factory for the networked production is prepared by means of operative production management. For the successful digitization of your production, we provide you with industry-specific solutions for the areas of transport & mobility, aerospace & defence, high-tech, consumer products & retail, etc.


  • Digital transformation of processes
  • Synchronisation of all relevant production components
  • Linking virtual and real production

Solution components of the DELMIA product portfolio

Delmia 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Aps

Process, resource planning and simulation:

Planning and optimisation of production processes and systems for lean production. The basis for this is a continuously developed (production) parts list of the product.

Robot programming and simulation:

Planning and optimisation of manufacturing systems with robots by means of simulations, accessibility studies, locking analyses. Powerful offline programming enables the creation of optimised control and robot programs up to the virtual commissioning of complete manufacturing systems independent of plant operation.

Ergonomics planning and simulation:

Evaluation of working conditions, time analysis, ensuring compliance with guidelines and assembly verification.

Planning, programming and simulation for CNC manufacturing and additive manufacturing processes:

Planning and optimisation of all production processes for CNC manufacturing, including creation of NC programs as well as simulation of the manufacturing process on the virtual machine. Planning, simulation and control of additive manufacturing processes including provision of all necessary production data.

Networked production:

Planning, simulation and optimisation of networked production components according to material flow, layout and logistics. Planning, simulation and preparation of the necessary communications in a networked production in consideration of account modern communication methods (e.g. OPC/UA).

Delmia Ortems

DELMIA Ortems complements the DELMIA Digital Manufacturing and DELMIA Apriso solutions by optimising, planning and scheduling of production orders for current production. DELMIA Ortems extends the possibilities of limited, finite resource optimisation and synchronisation of production processes along the entire product structure - from the raw material to the finished product.  The result is a comprehensive digital planning process with artificial intelligence and decision-making support.

Delmia Apriso

DELMIA Apriso Manufacturing Operations Management Software for production control is synonymous with: 

  • More efficiency for mobile applications
  • Expanded manufacturing intelligence
  • Integration of 3D models
  • broad support during the introduction of IoT standards
  • Faster ROI for manufacturers with changing product and manufacturing requirements

The Global Process Manager administers the business and manufacturing processes, Manufacturing Process Intelligence provides the manufacturing information (analyses, reports, dashboards), Global Traceability will handle the data storage and the Global Containment Manager visualises quality problems at an early stage.

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