The powerful Model-Based Systems Engineering solution in your 3DEXPERIENCE platform

With the CATIA Magic software, you benefit from the advantages of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in the ecosystem of your 3DEXPERIENCE platform. The intuitive user experience of CATIA Magic, also known as Cameo, supports collaboration along standards. Your teams manage the challenges of a product creation that brings together multiple engineering disciplines. All departments effectively progress to the best collective solution. A unique data repository enables the safe and robust design of complex multi-domain systems.

What are the benefits of the software CATIA Magic?


Enhanced Understanding of Customer Needs

Meeting all requirements

Keeping to specified costs and deadlines


Best added value out of design and engineering


Improved product quality and better risk management


Mutual understanding, communication and collaboration


Compliance with legal standards through reliable processes


No late technical changes


Securely process complex system specifications integrated in 3DEXPERIENCE platform

What are the features of the software CATIA Magic?

CATIA Magic allows you to create, edit and manage complex system specifications with disciplines such as mechanics, fluidics, thermal, electronics and software together. The software enables the transition from natural language specification to modelling with SysML.

The collaborators receive consistent information according to their tasks and roles and can thus fulfil processes such as requirements management, system architecture design, embedded software development, system simulation and traceability in a coordinated manner.


  • Creation of interaction scenarios with SysML and MagicGrid method
  • Traceability of designs allows evaluation of the causes and effects of design changes
  • Setting up alternatives earlier in the system life cycle to reduce errors or oversights in product design
  • Capitalization and reuse of developments in a more standardized way
  • Consistent information across all tasks and roles

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