Provider-certified solution for digital process and data continuity combines the best of both platform worlds

The 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration solution lets both systems communicate bidirectionally, laying the foundation for end-to-end processes in product creation. Make your business processes more flexible and more efficient, and leverage digital data continuity to control processes across business divisions.

Add value by exploiting the full potential of both platforms at all times – as guaranteed by the provider certification of our software application. Rely on a future-proof investment based on industry standards for system integration

What benefits does 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration offer you?

More innovation

New solutions for use cases add more value throughout your product creation process.

Greater efficiency

PLM processes with shorter cycle times and lower expenditures.

Cost benefits

Lower costs thanks to higher levels of automation and fewer unproductive iterations.

On cloud, on premises, hybrid

The integration is fully compatible with your current IT infrastructure.

High user acceptance

Flexible work routines in a familiar system environment – with continual access to complete, up-to-date information.

Investment protection

The best of both worlds: Secure access to innovations by SAP and Dassault Systèmes – for years to come.

Deployment Services
Service Deployment Services Achieve digital continuity in product creation by leveraging our “Ready to” Deployment Services. The IT is powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and your SAP. Integrating these systems and additional IT enables true end-to-end process continuity. Read more about

What can 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration do for your business?

The integration solution developed by CENIT offers you maximum freedom to realize efficient and flexible product creation processes. It lets you eliminate system breaks, data silos and error-prone manual interfaces.

3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration enables digital process and data continuity across the platform boundaries of Dassault Systèmes and SAP: Automated cross-system functions give your users access to identical data quantity and quality at all times. 

This digital data continuity is a key prerequisite for data-driven, digitally connected product creation – the stated goal of innovative manufacturing enterprises. 

The application benefits you in sophisticated cross-division processes such as change management and lets you use your time resources more productively. And since bidirectional system communication improves master data quality, 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration boosts your company’s readiness for modern manufacturing concepts.

Transforming product creation Do you know the benchmarks for a product development strategy that is designed for sustainability while enabling management to successfully respond to trends like smartification and customization? Read more about

To support product lifecycle management use cases across both platforms, the solution is built on a foundation of process templates, ranging from engineering integration to production planning to manufacturing simulation and through to innovative service processes. 

When working with the application, your users continue to operate in their familiar system environment but move freely between both platforms to fulfill their tasks. The type and means of data retrieval and processing depend on the respective processes, roles and tasks. The users can be certain that all the data they need is available to them at all times, and this builds high user acceptance. 

3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration improves your product creation KPIs. Your business will also benefit from future innovations – our solution makes sure of that. In this way, you gain the ability to rapidly adapt your product creation processes to meet future market challenges. Maximize your added value – now and in future! 

Highlights and details
  • Robust, scalable and bidirectional system communication between 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP
  • On cloud, on premises or hybrid – any combination of system architectures is possible 
  • SAP standard technology Product Data Management Integration (PDMI) for seamless transition between 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP 
  • Manufacturer-certified integration architecture and exclusive integration solution by SAP SE

How exactly does your business gain from 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration?

Design Process

  • Product data administration across 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP platform boundaries 
  • Management of SAP ERP data from within 3DEXPERIENCE processes
  • Provision of 3D visualization data for downstream business units
  • Cross-platform collaboration: product data searching, locating and reuse

Change Management

  • End-to-end release and change processes across both systems, 3DEXPERIENCE and SAP
  • Sound decision-making basis for change boards thanks to cross-platform data
  • Monitoring of both software solutions for upcoming releases and changes

Variant Management

  • Planning and administration of high-variance product families – from design to production 
  • Configurable product structures in 3DEXPERIENCE support SAP configuration and order production scenarios 
  • Planning and administration of product units in 3DEXPERIENCE for downstream SAP processes like logistics, production, costs and sales analysis
  • Configurable structures for successful handling of high change rates in complex products 

Manufacturing Process

  • Preparation of MBOMs and process plans based on technical specifications
  • Assessment of technical production scenarios based on cost and organizational data from ERP 
  • High potential for additional improvements based on MBOMs, process planning validation and simulation 
  • SAP requirements planning based on cross-platform data 
  • “Make or buy” decision-making based on feasibility data 
  • Collaboration with suppliers based on early availability of reliable information

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What our customers say

Process and data consistency with CENIT solution 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP integration at V-ZUG. Swiss premium manufacturer of household appliances achieves maximum freedom in designing efficient business processes. Read more about

Differentiation - Why CENIT?

Excellent Partners

We have collaborated closely with both Dassault Systèmes and SAP for more than 20 years and are the only company – worldwide! – to be recognized as strategic partner by both corporations. Rely on our many years of expertise with software and integration solutions by these providers.


As long-standing Premium Partner of Dassault Systèmes and SAP, we stand for continuity. We ensure that our integration solution will keep pace with the innovation rate of both platforms and that all functionalities will be available to you at all times.


Experience and deep knowhow in the Dassault Systèmes and SAP SE worlds: These are the ingredients of our 3DEXPERIENCE-SAP Integration. The solution has been earning market acclaim for the past eight years – and so have we, as our clients’ strong service partner.

SAP Partner
SAP Partner As SAP partner we, and the member companies of CENIT Group offer our clients comprehensive SAP solutions along their entire value chains. From product concept through to product maintenance, across provider and system worlds, you get it all from a… Read more about
Dassault Systèmes Partner
Dassault Systèmes Partner We have joined forces with Dassault Systèmes to empower digital transformation, leveraging Virtual Twin Experiences to enhance product lifecycle management and foster sustainable innovation across all sectors. CENIT provides holistic support across… Read more about

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