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WhitepaperSustainability in product creation through digital processes

From eco-design to digital processes – our guide offers you orientation. Get an overview of the sustainable transformation and read about inspiring customer success stories.

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The cloud as the key to increased efficiency in the industry

75% of companies worldwide already use applications in the cloud, via social networks, messaging or online collaboration platforms every day (source: CimData, Gartner, IDC). The industry…

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WhitepaperCustomized Aspice Compliance

Do you see automotive spice as no more than a bureaucratic annoyance?

Then it might be worth your while to take a fresh look at this mandatory quality assurance standard: A proactive approach to Automotive SPICE compliance gives you the opportunity…

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WhitepaperTransforming product creation

Do you know the benchmarks for a product development strategy that is designed for sustainability while enabling management to successfully respond to trends like smartification and customization?

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WhitepaperEnd-to-end quality process

Learn about an end-to-end digital product development process that effectively aligns the quality process with your business goals.

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WhitepaperIT for robotics in automotive

Discover how IT and engineering processes have to evolve to efficiently support companies in new automatization challenges. And what orientation should decision-makers seek for the development of their IT landscape?

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WhitepaperIndustry 4.0 needs new software tools

Learn how to evaluate next generation Digital Factory solutions for your Industry 4.0 strategy and advanced manufacturing processes.

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