SAP ECTR interface for CATIA

Consistent data throughout

Does your company want to use more SAP standard software in the future? Then the SAP ECTR interface for CATIA V5 is indispensable. It is the only SAP price list product worldwide for the integration of CATIA V5 into SAP ECTR (ECTRV5).

The bridge between CATIA V5 from Dassault Système and the SAP Engineering Control Center (SAP ECTR) is the CENIT Toolbar. With practice-optimized functions, time-consuming activities are relieved, such as switching between authoring systems. Documents can be opened directly from SAP ECTR in CATIA V5 and returned just as easily. Not only files, but also their meta-information can be exchanged bidirectionally between the two systems. Neutral formats can be generated from the CAD data so that the 3D data is available to the entire company.

Symbiosis of construction and management

The integration solution we have developed enables companies to optimize their development processes to create the perfect symbiosis of construction and management. Seamless integration allows designers to use SAP PLM easily and successfully, even without relevant knowledge or extensive training.

Sustainable competitive advantages can also be generated for manufacturing companies with SAP ECTR Integration for CATIA V5: The acceleration of processes, the harmonization of workflows and the increase of process reliability and quality. The modular structure and configuration options within the integration create the best prerequisites for an economical solution that meets the specific needs of each company.

In addition, our integration solution can also be purchased within a firmly defined but scalable framework within the CENIT SAP PLM Foundation, thus ensuring low-risk and efficient design.

Real time changes using different CAD systems
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Benefits of the interface

  • No additional interfaces between an external PLM and SAP necessary due to our direct integration
  • Increased efficiency through the availability of SAP functions directly in the interface
  • Time and quality gains compared to the CDI, among other things, through simplified "collaborative engineering" functions or the improved response time behavior through the use of CGR files for loading processes
  • Error reduction through cross-system data synchronization between SAP ECTR and CATIA V5


  • Provision of CAD-related integration functions directly in the CENIT toolbar
  • Document management directly from the CENIT toolbar, such as:
    • Creation of new documents
    • Check out, cache or check in documents
    • Locking and unlocking of documents
    • Versioning of documents with integrated SAP change service in CATIA
    • Attribute update with current SAP values and vice versa
    • Import of CATIA structures
  • Cloning or copying of whole structures
  • Manage and call templates or start models directly from CATIA
  • Selective loading: Only load into CATIA V5 what is really needed, but in the context of the complete assembly

Benefits for the company and the user

The advantages and highlights of the SAP ECTR interface for CATIA V5 clearly show that it is not only beneficial for the company, but also for the user in everyday work. After all, company-wide standardization based on centrally managed templates within an integration between two software systems offers a very high potential for manufacturing companies and their everyday work. This is because it creates an optimal working environment for designers and engineers in CATIA V5, while providing many core functions in the CATIA environment (creating new documents in SAP, check-in and check-out, etc.). By relocating the functions, the system change to SAP is reduced.

As a development partner of Dassault Systèmes and SAP SE, we regularly coordinate the development plans for the CATIA SAP integration with the development plans of our partners. In this way, you manage all technical and commercial product data in one system, link them in the context of business processes and ensure worldwide access to all product data, including large-volume CAD and 2D/3D visualization files.

ECTRV5++ as add-on to ECTRV5

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Product Data Sheet

Why CENIT is the right partner

For over 30 years, we have been combining SAP PLM expertise and the experience from numerous customer projects in the CENIT SAP Solutions Team. Through this long-standing expertise in the SAP environment and the use of their software and integration solutions, we offer you as a customer sustainable competence both in the implementation and in consulting for the use of SAP software as well as in operational support for a long-term and sustainable availability of the software solutions used.

Our procedure model

With regard to your specific initial situation and objectives, we integrate the required software components into your SAP system using our best practices - with clearly defined work packages and within a fixed implementation period.

In our role as SAP partner for a successful digital transformation, we support you from strategic planning to the operation of the solution at your company and also stand by your side with our expertise as a service partner for the future mapping of new business processes.

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