Interdisciplinary simulation of physical systems

Simulation as an interdisciplinary, integrated development tool was established in order to better control the complexity of modern products and projects. This involves the closed modeling of physical and logical features of products to be developed. The simulation serves to examine and optimize the product model in terms of the required features. This ultimately creates better products with considerably shorter development times and with fewer real prototypes and testing outlay.

Dymola and Modelica are industry standards for the holistic model-based simulation of physical systems of all disciplines such as mechanics, electrical engineering and electronics, thermodynamics, hydraulics, pneumatics, control engineering and process technology.


The object-oriented modeling language Modelica offers an open standard, which enables the simple and correct description of complex physical systems of all engineering disciplines on the basis of mathematical equations. Dymola is currently the highest performing and most flexible modeling and simulation environment for Modelica. It offers the user a homogenous tool for the efficient validation and optimization of complex systems.

Further information on Modelica, the Modelica Association, events and libraries can be found at www.modelica.org.


  • Realistic representation of reality by including all physical phenomena in a simulation model
  • Simple and quick model construction by using libraries and the modification of existing models
  • Free access to a constantly growing collection of the libraries of the Modelica Association
  • Efficient use of resources and fast simulation models through the symbolic simplification of model equations
  • Better products thanks to the interdisciplinary simulation as early as the specification phase



Dymola is a modular tool consisting of a standard configuration, including the Modelica Standard Library, which can be supplemented with options and further libraries.

Dymola Standard contains

  • Graphic model editor
  • The Modelica interpreter
  • Symbol processor and model translator
  • Simulator
  • Graphic output
  • HTML model document generator


The Modelica standard library is a cost-free library, which can be used without restriction!

With its many integrated components, it covers electrical, mechanical, rotational, translational, 3D-mechanical, thermodynamic and control-oriented tasks. www.modelica.org/libraries.

Furthermore, various additional commercial libraries are available that have been developed by leading experts from around the world. All libraries are fully compatible with one another.

The following commercial libraries are included in the Dymola product portfolio (license is required):

  • Battery Library
  • Brushless DC Drives Library
  • Cooling Library
  • Electrified Power Train Library
  • Flexible Bodies Library
  • Flight Dynamics Library
  • Human Comfort Library
  • HVAC Library
  • Thermal Systems Library
  • Wind Power Library
  • VeSyMA Library
  • VeSyMA Engines Library
  • VeSyMA Powertrain Library
  • VeSyMA Suspensions Library
  • Aviation Systems Library
  • Clara Plus Library
  • Fluid Dynamics Library
  • Hydrogen Library
  • Industrial Process Library
  • Pneumatic Systems Library

Integration in CATIA V6

In CATIA V6 Systems the full range of functions of Dymola and Modelica is available with Dynamic Behavior Modeling. The variants integrated in CATIA V6 are based on the same software kernel and therefore have the same access to all Modelica libraries. In addition, Dynamic Behavior Modeling offers associative access to geometric information from CATIA V6 such as lengths, focus, etc. and makes direct use of CATIA representation for its animations!

Education and Research

Dassault Systèmes offers special conditions for the use of Dymola in the fields of education and research.

  • There are two special configurations for educational purposes at universities: Academic Learn and Academic Innovate
  • Special conditions are available for standard license packages for research facilities in the area of fundamental and application research

We would be pleased to provide further information on academic bundles and student and classroom licenses.

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