Simulation of electromagnetic fields

The upcoming 5th generation of wireless broadband technology will dramatically change the way we communicate and the whole industry itself, opening up unimaginable opportunities. New antenna designs with more power are essential to enable higher data rates and better coverage. In addition, data can be transmitted in real time, enabling devices and machines to be controlled, operated and evaluated regardless of location.


  • shorter development cycles
  • less cost
  • virtual prototypes reduce the number of physical prototypes
  • Optimization of the device performance
  • identify and avoid potential compliance problems at an early stage
  • Compliance within legal limits
  • unique solver technology for EMI in high frequency Areas 

CST Studio Suite

CST Studio Suite is the best-in-class software package for EM and multiphysics simulation. It includes a complete set of tools for creating, simulating and optimizing electromagnetic systems. The possibilities of CST Studio Suite are huge. CST supports you from the first concept ideas, to finding the optimal antenna design, to integrity and compatibility with other devices. Especially in the area of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and interference (EMI), CST offers significant advantages to speed up the development process and ensure connectivity.

Some areas where CST offers a competitive advantage:

  • Performance and efficiency of antennas and filters
  • EM compatibility and interference (EMC/EMI)
  • Exposure to the human body (SAR - specific absorption rate)
  • electromechanical effects e.g. in generators, motors
  • thermal effects e.g. in high-performance devices

CST Studio Suite uses different solution methods in frequency and time domain. This ensures that you get the optimal solution for each application. An example is the TLM solver from CST. TLM stands for "Transmission Line Matrix". This is a technology that can handle lightning strikes, EMP and many other EMI problems. These two examples show problems that ONLY CST can solve effectively.

With the CST software all frequency ranges can be analyzed. CST uses powerful solvers for frequently used applications, especially for EMI solutions.

Alternative modules to CST Studio Suite

Antenna Magus

Antenna Design Software

The time you need to create an antenna design and/or modeling antennas can be significantly reduced with Antenna Magus. Antenna Magus includes an antenna database of over 350 antennas that can be exported to CST Studio Suite. This allows you to select antenna elements based on verified models. A good initial design is the basis for an efficient antenna development.


Electromagnetic and electromechanical simulation

Opera is a software solution based on the finite element method. It gives users the possibility to simulate electromagnetic (EM) and electromechanical systems using FEM. The simulation can be performed in 2 and 3 dimensions. Opera Simulation has particular strengths in the low frequency range, which makes it an excellent addition to the CST Studio Suite. Application examples would be e.g. the construction of magnets, electric motors and other electrical machines. The high accuracy of the simulation with Opera is of immense importance especially in medical devices or particle accelerators.


Antenna design is one of the largest application areas in CST STUDIO SUITE and there you will find many workflows for simulating antennas that are suitable for a variety of applications. Antennas can be designed and individually optimized. It is also possible to view and edit them directly as an installed antenna on a larger structure such as a building, aircraft, ship or satellite. Antenna Magus is interesting when many different antenna concepts are to be generated and analyzed.

Yes, CST STUDIO SUITE can directly calculate all specific absorption rates (SAR). These include the point SAR, 1g and 10g average SAR and whole body SAR. This enables the developers of devices to assess SAR values even in early stages of development.

Yes, there are already many roles on the platform that allow very good use. This will be updated regularly and additional functions will be added. A so-called Power By Connector exists to connect the classic software suite to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

Yes, you are welcome to get a test license to test the functionalities. Just ask our specialist sales team. 

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