Deployment Services

Ready for digital end-to-end processes with our “Ready to” packages

What are our Deployment Services and what benefits do they hold for you?

Our Deployment Services are preconfigured – that’s why we call them “Ready to” packages. Our range of currently 14 “Ready-to” packages lets your business achieve optimal process continuity in product creation and thereby gain decisive competitive benefits. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform and SAP or another ERP system provide the ideal IT foundation. Integrating these systems and additional IT links people, data and processes for optimal efficiency, giving you end-to-end digital process and data continuity. 

All our “Ready to” packages are designed as a milestone of an all-round plan for digital end-to-end processes. We advise, plan and implement every step with your overall processes in mind. Everything fits together seamlessly and gets you ready to transform the way you develop and create your products

What our Deployment Services do for your business

Lay the foundations of end-to-end process control

  • Increase the level of digital maturity in your business
  • Close digital gaps by digitalizing sub-processes, overcoming system interruptions and silos
  • Create the preconditions for end-to-end management 
  • Ensure implementation of industry standards
  • Enable rapid transformation to digitalized end-to-end processes

End your software, process and mindset legacies

  • Implement and leverage 3DEXPERIENCE platform to its full potential
  • Optimize processes throughout your product creation system
  • Motivate people as they address transition
  • Clearly show what each step offers your business and your employees
  • Boost transparency and create a collaborative work ethic in which employees identify with 

Realize your digital strategy by making the right moves at the right time

  • Maintain a strict focus on business aspects.
  • Integrate performance aspects like innovation and sustainability into product creation
  • Modularized approach, letting you react quickly and scale easily
  • Balance the interests of individual units and the needs of international locations
  • Your entire package is implemented by experienced CENIT experts.

How do our Deployment Services benefit your business?

Competitive Benefits

Optimal performance by people, data and processes

Thrust and Effectiveness

On time and in budget, yet up to 50 per cent reduction in overhead

Agility and Resilience

High efficiency thanks to perfectly coordinated digital processes

ESG Guidelines

Future-proof product creation in a modern business

What we offer you

With our “Ready to” packages and our CENIT experts at you your side, you solve the modernization and standardization tasks that await you in engineering, process design and IT. 

Each and every one of our Deployment Services is founded on a reliable, thoroughly validated approach. The “Ready to” packages are pre-configured and based on more than 30 years of industry experience.

For each project, you obtain reliable information on scale, effects and added value for your overall plan. We advise, plan and implement each step with due consideration of all your roles. 

Highlights at a glance
  • Needs-oriented shortcut to end-to-end processes via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform
  • Tried and tested approach that takes all product creation roles into account
  • Precise definition of the scale, effects and added value of each package
  • Quantifiable costs thanks to fixed-price “Ready to” packages
Ready to Connect

Enable digital continuity with seamless data and process flow for product release

Consistent master data between 3DEXPERIENCE und SAP for better enterprise decision-making

Ready to Orchestrate

Enable cross-platform release and change management

Better decision-making, enhanced efficiency, and cross-departmental transparency thanks to seamless enterprise workflows

Ready to Engineer

Consolidate all product information at a single source of truth

Cross-functional and cross-departmental transparency, higher reuse rates and better-informed change decisions, as well as consistent change implementation

Ready to Configure

Maintain full control and flexibility over variant-rich product portfolios

Reduced development effort for product enhancements and changes to multi-variant product portfolios as well as a faster quotation process

Ready to Collaborate

Efficient and seamless collaboration in development

Fast, best-practice-based introduction to seamless development collaboration in the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and basis for further “Ready to” packages

Ready to Start

Jump-start with 3DEXPERIENCE® on the cloud for development collaboration

Rapid out-of-the-box approach to efficiently introduce ‘3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud’ for CAD design and development collaboration

Ready to Manufacture

3D-based planning of production and assembly processes

Accelerate and improve production planning by associatively deriving manufacturing processes from engineering structures

Ready to Machine

Program and simulate CNC machining directly on the CAD data

No error-prone data transfer, great update stability in case of changes and 3D machine simulation ensure higher productivity and avoid collisions and scrap

Ready to Calculate

Plan target costs earlier, as part of a closed loop product costing process

Increased product performance at a lower price thanks to early transparency of product function costs

Ready to Integrate

Integrate business processes and applications of your choice

Up-to-date information and accelerated processes through integrated enterprise applications to maintain an end-to-end digital thread

Ready to Simulate

Improve your product design by means of numerical simulation

More efficient products, better design decisions and shorter development times through design-accompanying simulation

Ready to Enrich

Pave the road to paperless processes using model based definition

Transform 3D CAD models into the authoritative and comprehensive source of information to fully describe product specifications for production, sourcing, and quality control

Ready to Specify

Seamlessly elicit, analyze, document, and validate requirements

Products consistently meet customers’ expectations, are safe, and comply with applicable standards and regulations

Ready to Trace

Manage cross-discipline relationships in mechatronic development

Full traceability improves cross-discipline collaboration and simplifies product verification by certifiers and authorities

Three reasons to choose CENIT

There are many factors that speak for CENIT. The most important one: Because we are a strategic partner to both Dassault Systèmes and SAP, our product expertise and our IT know-how are unparalleled. We know how to network both systems to build an enterprise solution that permits cutting-edge digital transformation and create end-to-end processes in product development and manufacturing.


For over 30 years, CENIT has successfully managed national and international projects with OEMs, major corporations and SMEs.


Our expert teams assist our clients in selecting service packages and take all important perspectives into account during realization.


CENIT’s experts offer short-term assistance in individual projects or provide long-term support as a strong and reliable partner.

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