PLM Integration Services

A custom PLM integration project based on proven approaches makes your business a successful Connected Enterprise

PLM integration based on a project tailored to your specific business: Our PLM Integration Services connect people, processes and technologies. Becoming a connected enterprise means an increase in efficiency, productivity and profitability. We are here to assist you in integrating your 3DEXPERIENCE platform with ERP systems and additional applications and thereby let you achieve end-to-end consistency in your business processes and decision-making. 

Connecting people, data and processes to exploit their full product creation potentials

Consistent data 

  • Secure data handling thanks to a deep understanding of the respective system worlds and interfaces
  • Direction and timing of automated data exchanges are tailored to your specific workflows 
  • Secure handling of the relevant data formats and structures of the associated systems
  • Precisely harmonized data types, data sources, data ownership and data consistency
  • Detailed specification and debugging via implementation sprints
  • Asynchronous communication helps bridge system malfunctions and subsequently safeguards data consistency

Harmonized business processes

  • Integration ensures that the right data are available to the right people at the right time
  • Our key competence: A deep end-to-end understanding of product creation and the systems involved in it 
  • Analysis and optimization of workflows yield digitally fine-tuned processes
  • This extends e.g. to synchronization of manufacturing BOMs, work orders and work instructions. In variant management, product structures and configuration knowhow can now be used across platforms

Security thanks to best practices 

  • We provide you with process templates based on long-standing solution competence
  • Our PLM consulting expertise covers all major manufacturing industry sectors
  • Preconfigured modules provide the basis for quick wins and assured success
  • Active involvement of all affected staff builds a common understanding
  • We filter and prioritize all questions related to the integration project, from legacy aspects to compliance requirements
  • We offer fixed prices because our technology competence and project experience minimize your project risks

How does your business profit from our Integration Services?

Connected Enterprise

You consolidate your digital foundations in preparation to becoming a truly connected enterprise.

Always up to date

Your business processes run seamlessly before, during and after release updates.

Certified security

We are certified under ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and TISAX, guaranteeing you security by design as well as state-of-the-art protection concepts.

Fixed-price solutions

Instead of a blank slate, you get a library of specific, thoroughly considered use cases.

How we support you in PLM integration – Our service portfolio

With us, your integration project is in good hands – right from the outset. We start off with a specification workshop in which we define the exact project requirements together with your stakeholders – an exercise during which our preconfigured integration scenarios act as guiderails. This description of typical business processes is the ideal starting point for determining the finer details of the integration solution for your specific business model. 

Our consultants possess wide-ranging experience and a deep understanding of the entire product development and product lifecycle process. Aspects that will be addressed by our teams throughout include:  

  • Administration of multi-CAD data
  • BOM management
  • Master data management
  • Document management
  • Configuration management and variant management 
  • Quality data management
  • Production planning and execution

We ensure that all of your stakeholders are on the same page at all times, yet strive to prevent communication overload. Integration projects are highly complex and dynamic undertakings, and our approach ensures that we meet these challenges together. From the start, we keep the discussion highly topical, relying on live demonstrations of our integration scenarios, using 3DEXPERIENCE integration with ERP systems like SAP und Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the basic model. 

During the subsequent implementation project, our IT experts adapt the preconfigured use cases and business objects to the specific requirements of your business. Commissioning is usually achieved via a series of sprints, with your key users validating the results of each sprint in a test environment. Following successful user acceptance testing and release to you as our customer, your solution is ready for productive use. 

As integration software, we deploy our in-house developments 3DEXPERIENCE Business Process Integrator and 3DEXPERIENCE SAP Integration. No matter whether you plan to operate the integration solution in the cloud or at your premises: You remain flexible, can choose to scale as needed and continue to follow your IT strategy. 

In the event that we also assume operation of the solution under a SaaS agreement (software as a service), this will include all operative tasks such as incident management, problem management, change management and release management of the integration service at an attractive fixed rate. This lets you ensure that the customization required by release updates of any of the integrated systems are managed proactively and your product creation processes continue to run smoothly throughout. CENIT’s all-inclusive cloud operating model offers full cost transparency and minimal internal IT work input. Now is the time to build connections that correspond to your business model and ensure successful product creation.

Highlights at a glance
  • Faster specification and implementation of integration scenarios thanks to predefined data pipelines, based on best-practice business processes
  • Minimization of project risks thanks to a preconfigured solution architecture, an agile implementation concept and early key user involvement
  • Free selection of hardware infrastructure, whether cloud-based, on-premises or hybrid – for the integrated applications as well as for the integration itself
  • In an all-inclusive operating model: No internal IT resources required following project conclusion; full cost transparency 

What makes CENIT your ideal integration project partner

We know what we’re doing and how to best get to the finish line. Our Integration Services offer you a mature, extensively tested and proven solution that we customize exactly to the needs of your business. If you select an offer that includes operation and maintenance, you obtain an all-round carefree package that lets your company maximize your product creation potentials.

Long-standing expertise

We have more than 30 years of experience in successful digitalization and integration of business-critical processes in the PLM and ERP worlds. For each and every one of us, our reputation as experts in this field is both obligation and inspiration.

Process experience

Deep knowledge of the entire process of product development and product lifecycle management: That’s what our consultants bring to the table, along with their extensive experience in correct prioritization of the many factors that can influence your integration project.

All-round IT operation

For years, automotive and aerospace OEMs have placed their trust in our application management services and our ITIL-standard operating concept.

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