Relaxed administration of PLM landscapes

Using multiple products from different vendors, not to mention managing all those licenses, makes system operation and management increasingly complex.

Using its years of extensive practical experience, CENIT has developed a software solution that simplies system infrastructure management for both administrators and users.

cenitFLEX+ bundles the two tools in order to facilitate the administration - the Application Starter and the License Monitor.

Quick launch of CAD applications

cenitFLEX+ Application Starter is an administration and user interface that standardizes management and use of various CAx applications, such as CATIA, ENOVIA, PTC Creo, Siemens NX and their environments. Using this powerful application launcher and system administration framework, you can manage even complex CAx infrastructures efficiently and securely.

A uniform, clearly-arranged interface makes operation simple, assuring rapid and secure launch of all CAx applications in their proper environments. Application Starter verifies the license and proper configuration of each application before it starts, eliminating wasted time trying to start unlicensed applications. Moreover, it displays only the applications for which the current user is authorized. It also includes an integrated “GoOffline” feature, allowing the user to independently transfer required CAD applications and environments to their mobile device, for use outside the local network.

Administration of the application launcher is simple and program-guided. The licensing feature lets administrators assign license quotas to groups of users, locations and even cost centers. The authorization control allows fine granularity of access rights for individual users or user groups, both for applications and environments. The software allocates available licenses efficiently, resulting in optimized costs. Pre-configured, standardized supplier environments are available as an additional option, allowing seamless integration with your existing applications and system environments.

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Controlling license usage

cenitFLEX+ License Monitor is user-friendly, web-based solution for live-monitoring current license usage, as well as evaluating licenses for prior use. It displays usage reports in a clean, simple dashboard, and allows you to export them to Excel on demand.

License Monitor provides analysis results that let you decide the maximum number of licenses you need. This reduces excess costs that result from over-licensing, as well as eliminating license bottlenecks and the product development delays they can cause.

License Monitor provides detailed license usage analysis by individual users, groups, teams, locations or user-defined groups, allowing you to accurately allocate license costs.

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