Lifetime analysis software for finite element models

Lifetime analyses under cyclic loads, based on stress states from FE calculations at each node of the discretized geometry, allow precise statements about crack initiation and propagation in the structure as well as about system failure. Thus, classical fatigue analyses based on complex and inaccurate spreadsheets become obsolete.



fe-safe is one of the world's leading technologies for fatigue analysis and offers versatile interfaces to all common FE-solvers (Abaqus, ANSYS, MSC Nastran, ...). Benefit from the comprehensive functionalities of the software package in the field of multiaxial stress based fatigue methods of metallic materials and elastomers. 

The basic program:


fe-safe provides the basic functionality of reliable, multiaxial fatigue analysis based on a variety of possible criteria for critical stress determination. An embedded material database provides the necessary material parameters and can be extended individually.

Special Add-ons:


The add-on fe-safe/Rubber is the first software tool available on the market for fatigue analysis of rubber and elastomer products. Complex time and temperature dependent material models can be used. Typical softening phenomena under cyclic loading, such as the Mullins effect, can be mapped in fe-safe/Rubber.-


fe-safe/TURBOlife is another add-on for fe-safe. It allows the investigation of components for creep and fatigue failure and the classification of the failure type. It is successfully used in the field of fatigue loading in power plant construction and for turbines, among others.

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