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How do you profit from a FASTSUITE Reseller Partnership?

FASTSUITE Edition 2, our software for autonomous offline robot programming, will change your enterprise and your portfolio. 

Gain confidence and security as you address new developments in industrial automation, and offer your customers a high-performance tool for digitalization in production. 

Our 3D simulation platform gives you access to an efficient, scalable solution for expanding the scope of robot automation in your production. 

And there’s more: You can seamlessly integrate your robot processes into the digital process chain of your product creation scheme. 

A FASTSUITE Reseller Partnership with FASTSUITE isn’t just a software license. We respond to market challenges with innovation and inspiration and sow the seeds of success for you and your customers. Our conviction: Sustainable manufacturing is based on intelligent, integrated digitalization.

Become part of the FASTSUITE Community, and let’s shape the future of manufacturing together!

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Rely on simulation to validate robot processes 

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Reduce production downtime by 90% 

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Return on investment within a few months

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Technology partnerships with leading brands 

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Head and shoulders above the global competition

Our FASTSUITE Resellers

Client Projects by FASTSUITE Resellers

Laser cutting processes raised to a new level
Customer Project Laser cutting processes raised to a new level How Prima Power is setting new standards in laser cutting processes with FASTSUITE Edition 2. The innovative software solution enables efficient programming and operation of the machines, optimizes the manufacturing process and supports the… Read more about
K-Virtual the new Kawasaki Software Tool
Customer Project K-Virtual the new Kawasaki Software Tool Kawasaki Robotics presents K-Virtual: Innovation for plant engineering, robot simulation, and offline programming with CENIT & FASTSUITE Edition 2. Read more about

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What solutions and services are available to you as a FASTSUITE Reseller?

FASTSUITE Edition 2 is a 3D offline programming and simulation platform for programming and optimizing manufacturing processes involving industrial robots and specialized machinery. 

Our software uses CAD-to-path- and no-code programming methodologies that rely on intelligent algorithms for autonomous generation and optimization of operations, and combines these with cross-board process integration for full digital continuity.

FASTSUITE relies on a digital twin model of the production facility to ensure secure operation and enable the use of AI-based technologies. 

We offer machine makers, system integrators and manufacturing businesses a simple, low-cost solution for developing and simulating production cells. 

Core applications include robot welding, laser cutting and assembly processes in the automotive and aviation industries, but the open architecture of FASTSUITE also permit easy integration with other technologies.

Solutions FASTSUITE Edition 2 Learn about the benefits of simulating and programming industrial robots and machines with FASTSUITE Edition 2. Read more about

Process excellence

The members of the FASTSUITE team specialize in optimizing manufacturing processes to ensure maximum efficiency. Our approach integrates welding, cutting and surface machining technologies and other established industry processes to optimize workflows and boost productivity. 

Services to promote innovation

Our experts provide task-specific and goal-oriented consulting services to address unique challenges and promote digital transformation initiatives. We assist you the whole way, from strategic planning through to practical implementation.


From offline programming to robot simulation, FASTSUITE Edition 2 is the industry solution for reliable development, validation and optimization of production systems.

Download our Whitepaper to discover how the next generation of digital factory software leverages autonomous offline programming solutions, no-code programming and seamless process integration to revolutionize intelligent manufacturing. Download whitepaper

The future of virtual production planning and optimization

Our Digital Factory Solutions unit understands the decisive role that technology plays in transforming traditional manufacturing processes into future-proof workflows. Our cross-board approach of process, service and solution lets our clients master the complexities of Industry 4.0 with confidence and precision.

We respond to this global trend by helping our customers overcome their challenges – by improving the efficiency and sustainability of their robot processes, reducing cycle times as well as production costs. That’s what keeps us ahead of the competition. 

To make our vision come true, we replace conventional approaches with highly innovative strategies. One core strategy is implementing autonomous offline programming solutions that easily outclass traditional CAD-to-path methods. By leveraging these technologies, we devise independent, highly efficient programming processes that decisively boost the flexibility and precision of our  systems.

In addition, we rely on no-code programming to simplify and accelerate the programming process. With this intuitive approach, even users without specialized programming skills can handle complex tasks easily. This not only boosts efficiency, it also makes our technologies accessible to a wider range customers.

Finally, our approach includes seamless end-to-end process integration aimed at maximum efficiency and performance. By interlinking all the steps of the production process, we create a coherent, high-performing system that satisfies highest expectations. It also lets us ensure that our solutions are not just innovative but also cost-effective and sustainable.

Who are your FASTSUITE contacts at CENIT?

Jens Fetzer
Senior Vice President Digital Factory Solutions

For many of our customers, robot automation poses major challenges. We are here to make the transformation quick, easy and sustainable. Our automation technology simplifies robot use and lets businesses devore their attentions to aspects that can’t be automated.

Jörg Feye
Head of Service

My team’s reliability and hands-on mentality ensures successful and sustainable implementation. We never let a customer down because we want every customer to be our next success story.

Stefan Hohmann
Team Lead, Product Development

FASTSUITE Edition 2 is a rare gem in the field of OLP software. I’m going to continue developing it to ensure business continuity for our customers. At the same time, I’ll strive to make our future ideas a reality and offer new ways of adding value.

Our Customer Projects

Programming and validation of manufacturing cells Robolution optimizes the programming and validation of welding systems by using the digital twin. The digital simulation twin enables early fault detection, shortens commissioning time and provides a uniform approach. Read more about
HIROTEC realized a digital factory twin How HIROTEC built an end-to-end manufacturing control system with the help of FASTSUITE. From digital process validation to offline robot programming and virtual commissioning. A pioneer in the use of digital technology. Read more about

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