Predictive Maintenance Process

How can today's machines be made fit for tomorrow?

Minimize production failures, optimize repair and maintenance work.

Cost pressures and high quality standards influence the profitability of a company significantly in the production industry. Therefore, production managers face conflicting demands between quality, costs and increasing efficiency each day.

The fact is: Unexpected machine breakdowns, performance issues and losses in quality
cause increased personnel costs in maintenance and reduce quality and/or quantity of products. The consequences are additional adverse effects in downstream production stages - and often costly checks of blocked batches up to supply bottlenecks and image loss in trade and with consumers.

It appears logical, therefore, that efficient resource-saving processes ensure sustainable high production performance and product quality

Consequently, improvements to the maintenance strategy directly affect the profitability and market position of the company. Granted, this finding is not new. Multiple possibilities that can be implemented into reality: The production control system and the existing sensors on production systems offer a solid data basis for the first IT-supported optimization approaches.

In practice, however, this data is primarily only used for monitoring the current system status. The potential to attain additional knowledge about system efficiency and maintenance strategy from this with analytical and statistical methods frequently remains unexploited.

We can change this together.

In this way, in particular: Our "CENIT Predictive Maintenance Service" approach enables the optimization of maintenance and use of your systems with analyses of measurement and process data. We work together with you to develop a strategy according on your requirements for incremental introduction of predictive maintenance. For a simple introduction, we rely on pre-configures best-practice-based and tested service packages as "managed service".

What can you expect from all of this? For example, this:

  • Increased reliability and system availability
  • Reduction of unplanned downtimes of machines and systems
  • Prognoses and extension of the service life of components
  • Reduced maintenance costs through optimized operating and service processes
  • Lasting increased productivity and profitability
  • No investment costs in IT software and resources through provision as managed service
  • Quick feasibility and fast knowledge gains

Our performance promise is based on experience. Numerous clients from the industry have trusted us for over 25 years. And soon you too?

André Vogt

André Vogt

Senior Vice President Enterprise Information Management

Horst Heckhorn

Horst Heckhorn

Senior Vice President SAP Solutions

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