Digital Process Assessment

A process of assessment that gives you access to strategic product lifecycle management

Your market demands are changing, and in future you will have to manage many of your processes digitally. This means high change pressures for your business – and that applies particularly to your product lifecycle management process. How to best integrate business processes and data consistently, from development and production to after-sales? It’s an enormous task for any business management. External support can make or break your chances of bringing that change about. 

In our Digital Process Assessment Center, we work with you to devise a strategy for a product lifecycle management process that fully exploits the potentials that digitalization offers for realizing your strategic business objectives. 

You gain security from a concrete plan that includes approach strategies and solutions for your key challenges.

What the Digital Process Assessment Centre can do for you

Creating planning security

  • Identifying and structuring the relevant challenges in a systematic assessment process
  • Conducting a status quo analysis
  • Identifying the steps required and defining concrete approaches 
  • Designing the future product lifecycle management process 
  • Structuring the transformation process

Ensuring transparency, steering change

  • Integrating all stakeholders 
  • Taking account of different perspectives across hierarchies and locations
  • Developing a joint vision for the new PLM process 
  • Initiating overarching structures for end-to-end processes 

Developing a business plan for transformation

  • Optimizing the timeframe and total work effort 
  • Minimizing effort to ensure lean implementation 
  • Transparent cost calculation for each milestone
  • Flexible approach for maximum efficiency of complex measures 
  • Achieving competitive benefits

How does your business profit?

Competitive Benefits

Higher agility and better quality for change

Cultural Transformation

Shared perspective of product lifecycle management


Leaving the beaten path and focusing your vision


Exploiting the opportunities of digitalization for your core PLM processes

What we offer you

Digitalization is a management issue – it cannot be delegated. But no one has to act alone. The Digital Process Assessment Centre is there to support you as you embark on a strategic transformation of your product lifecycle processes. 

Together, we analyze and structure the challenges that arise from market demands, binding standards and legal obligations on your enterprise in a systematic process of assessment. Maintaining a continual focus on your business strategy, we develop a consensus on how your future product lifecycle management process should look. Management and technical units united behind a single vision!

Now we have the fundamentals for a sound plan which takes your legacy workflows and technologies as well as your existing business culture into account. Concrete approaches to the transformation begin to take shape. All results are readily available to you in documented form.

Highlights at a glance
  •  External strategic competence for a future-proof product lifecycle management process
  •  A stronger enterprise – externally and internally 
  • Security for all business activities
  • Support for growth 

Profit from our long-standing experience and expertise

Throughout the assessment process, our collaboration hinges on the ability of our consultants to moderate meaningful discussions. We are equally well-versed in top-down and bottom-up dialogue. This competency is one of the qualifications we have gained in over 30 years of market presence. You will see that our experience produces results at many stages of your strategic project.


Three decades of successful market presence in a time of revolutionary developments and transformation.


We support decision-makers in large-scale corporations and mid-size companies in translating their vision into a feasible IT architecture.

Market Strength

As strategic partner of SAP, Dassault Systèmes and IBM, we can tell you today what will be relevant to you tomorrow.

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