SAP Product Structure Management

Ensuring transparency and replicability

SAP’s Product Structure Management (SAP PSM) makes it very easy to functionally organize products and display them in SAP. In this way, functional structures can be optimally oriented on the functional structure determined by requirements management and the technical solution.

The product structure can be described as the backbone of product development. Its purpose is to manage all artefacts generated during product development and make them centrally available to all the processes that build on it.

For variant-rich products, the product structure can be organized in SAP PSM as a so-called product family or as a product platform. This contains all the variants belonging to the product family and is aimed chiefly at simpler reuse and better modularization. SAP Product Structure Management makes it easy to map release and change processes so that they reliably reflect the current status of product development at any time.

Transfer of SAP product structures into SAP parts lists with SAP GSS

Where required, SAP product structures can easily be transformed into classic SAP bills of material using guided structure synchronization (SAP GSS). This scenario is frequently used to display functionally variant-rich engineering bills of material (EBOMs) which are then transformed into manufacturing bills of material (MBOMs, with or without variance); these are in turn used to drive logistics processes in ERP.

SAP Product Structure Management thus ensures total traceability, from the initial stages of product development through to late-stage logistics processes.

Coristo and CENIT have many years of deep expertise in SAP Product Structure Management. We have conceptualized and introduced product structures for a large number of clients, taking key steps towards enhanced data information in product development. 


  • Central availability of all product-related information
  • Total transparency of the results of product development
  • Increased traceability of requirements, from product development through to logistics processes and service
  • Easy change and release of development status and version
  • Full integration with downstream SAP processes

Core Functions of SAP Product Structure Management

  • Simple generation of a functional organization structure
  • Product structure can be designed even without material masters
  • Integrated configuration and simulation of variants
  • Flexible and integrated change management support
  • Integrated 3D visualization and mockup functions
  • Harmonized user interface and improved ease of use for product development
  • Easy transition to and automated synchronization with SAP production bills of material
  • Where required, linkage with functional requirements managed via SAP Intelligent Product Design

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