Diversity and Inclusion

We believe that a culture of diversity broadens the spectrum of opinions within our company and boosts our innovation. That is why we value an employee pool that reflects the many dimensions of diversity. To this end, we listen to the needs and views of our employees and external stakeholders and integrate the insights we gain into our organization. 

At CENIT, we experience diversity primarily thanks to our daily interaction with colleagues from more than 30 different countries. For that reason, the “ethnic origin and nationality” aspect of diversity is very much present among us. But we are also aware that diversity means a great deal more and has different facets in all organizations. For us, the most important aspect is always the individual and the abilities and traits that make them unique. 

Diversity doesn’t make things easier, but it makes them better because it gives us new perspectives. In all this, our values are the connecting element – that’s how it’s been in the past, and that’s how it’s going to stay.

Tobias Dittrich
Senior Vice President People&Culture


Guidelines for living Diversity: Our values and guiding principles

Building on our values and principles, we have defined a series of guidelines which detail the way we view a culture of diversity within CENIT and also provide a basis for our actions.  

Organizational Culture

We maintain an organizational culture defined by mutual respect and valuation of each individual. The diversity principle is an integral part of our organizational strategy; it defines our corporate culture and all our processes. We create conditions which ensure that managers and staff recognize, share and live these values. 

People Processes

Many factors unconsciously and unintentionally favor homogenous employee pools. We continually review our people processes and ensure that they reflect the diverse skills and talents of all employees while fulfilling our performance standards.

Social Diversity

Variety is a cross-board topic. In terms of business activity, diversity relates to all aspects of our organization and has both internal and external impacts. We recognise the colourfulness of society inside and outside the organisation and use its potential to benefit the company. 


Addressing multiplicity in an authentic way also means transparency and information on how we can embed the topic within our organization. For this reason, we share information – both internally and externally – on how we promote variety.

Information and Participation

We inform our employees about the role of diversity within our company. Additionally, we create the means for meaningful participation.  

Diversity as a competitive advantage: Inclusive working environment at CENIT

We are convinced that diverse teams are particularly high-performing because diversity of opinion enhances constructive interaction, boosts creativity and thus promotes innovation. In the long term, diversity yields concrete competitive benefits. 

At CENIT, we therefore place great emphasis on an inclusive working environment. An essential part of this is ensuring that our HR processes are inclusive and non-discriminatory. Currently, we are also working on ways to holistically and sustainably integrate the many dimensions of diversity into our corporate strategy.   

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