Improve User Experience in content navigator

Get faster access to relevant content and workload

IBM Content Navigator is a powerful UI for IBM‘s DBA and Content products. However there is some room for improvement to make the user‘s life easier. Activities like switching between desktops, processing object properties in Excel or showing multiple content in one dashboard could be handled in simpler ways.

The CENIT ICN Toolbox enhances the usability of ICN for FileNet, improves the ergonomics and provides additional capabilities in a very easy and intuitive way.


Higher productivity

Avoiding unnecessary steps and clicks improves user productivity

Better acceptance

Enhanced ergonomics and functionality drive user satisfaction

Reduced costs

Intuitive and easy handling reduces training efforts



Dashboards provide configurable portlets such as favorites, folder navigation, ad-hoc search, feeds and document-related messages. Users can configure their own dashboard, depending on their job role and needs.


A toolbar provides fast and easy access for up to six functions. User settings are stored, so there is no more need to manually re-adjust settings such as column width. 

Quick Search

A quick search in the toolbar makes searching easier and faster.

Favorites and Last Folders

When moving documents into a folder the Toolbox automatically shows a target list of favorites and the last folders used.


Document and folder properties can be exported directly into Excel.

Multiple Desktops

You can easily switch desktops, for example for different activities within a job role.

Configurable dashboard for fast access to content and workload.

Quick search accessible directly from the toolbar

Last folders and Favorites simplify handling.



Andreas Carlsen

Andreas Carlsen

Senior Manager Research & Development, Enterprise Information Management

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